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Class Action Settlements

HelloFresh TCPA Settlement Details – Class Action Lawsuit To End At $14 Million

HelloFresh Agrees To Settle Class Action Lawsuit Contending It Violated TCPA Provisions

HelloFresh has agreed to pay up a $14 million settlement as it settles a class action lawsuit filed against them.

This comes after the company has been accused of violating provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 

According to the complaint filed against HelloFresh, the company has made unsolicited marketing phone calls using an automated dialing system.

It is also accused of calling phone numbers belonging to the National Do Not Call Registry and also have continued calling customers who have wished not to receive any form of marketing call beforehand. 

Grace Murray, the plaintiff to the case, shared that they have signed up for a trial service on HelloFresh and decided to drop it soon after.

However, they soon received an estimated 15 unsolicited marketing calls from HelloFresh, convincing them to sign up for the service.

It is worth noting that Murray’s number has been on the National Do Not Call Registry for more than a decade now.

When they received the unsolicited call from HelloFresh, they specifically asked the company to not call about it again and include them in the company’s internal Do Not Call list.

Yet the company has reportedly continued on calling Murray, thus the class action. 

HelloFresh has maintained that it did not do anything wrong, yet they opted for a settlement to avoid dragging the case in court. A final hearing is set in early May to finalize the details of the settlement. 

How To Make A Claim?

Now that the initial details of the settlement have been made public, we here at Consider The Consumer has curated the important information you need in order to know whether you can make a claim in this HelloFresh lawsuit settlement. 

First up, you must be residing in any place in the United States at the time of this posting.

Secondly is that you must have been called by HelloFresh, either through their direct system or through a third party entity, between September 5, 2015, to December 31, 2019, trying to market their services.

If you meet these two important criteria, you are considered as a certified member of the class action lawsuit.

Additionally, you are considered a certified Class Member if your situation falls within these three categories:

  • You must have received a phone call or two from HelloFresh or a third party entity generated by an automated dialing platform;
  • You must have received two phone calls, to the very least, during the course of 12 months when your number is already in the nationwide Do Not Call Registry for at least a month before the calls were placed; and,
  • You must have continued on receiving unwanted marketing calls from HelloFresh even though you specifically wished to be included in the company’s internal Do Not Call list 

If your claim is deemed valid by the settlement administrator, you can receive a minimum of $30 of monetary compensation.

This can go up to $50, yet the final amount is yet to be determined, for it will ultimately depend on the number of valid claims filed and acknowledged. 

The deadline for submission of claims is slated for March 29, 2021. You can place your claim by going to the official website by clicking here.

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh, founded in Berlin, Germany, is the leading meal-kit service company in the United States.

Headed by its CEO Dominik Richter, the company has operations in a handful of countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and several European countries.

It has been a publicly-traded company since late 2017 in its home country’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 

Editor’s Note on HelloFresh TCPA Settlement:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action settlement HelloFresh has agreed to in order to end litigation made against them.

This comes after complainants argue that the company has violated certain provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

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