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Guinness Extra Stout Settlement 2021

Class Action Settlements

Guinness Extra Stout Settlement 2021 – Not Brewed At St. Jame’s Gate Brewery, Dublin?

Class Action Lawsuit Against The Makers of Guinness Extra Stout 

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the makers of Guinness Extra Stout beer, Diageo-Guinness USA Inc., and Diageo North America Inc. 

They allegedly advertised false information about their product that a Massachusetts Federal Judge trimmed. 

The Plaintiff

Plaintiff Kieran O’Hara filed a class action lawsuit in January 2016. O’Hara accused Diageo-Guinness USA Inc. and Diageo North America Inc. of allegedly advertising false information about Guinness Extra Stout. 

He said the company claimed that the beers were brewed at St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, Ireland, when, in fact, they were brewed in New Brunswick, Canada. 

He claimed that he wouldn’t have bought one if Guinness divulged the original information of the product. In addition, he mentioned that the misrepresentations of the beer altered his decision to keep buying more of them. 

The class action lawsuit affirmed the claims, including unjust enrichment, misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive practices of violating Massachusetts state law. 

Judge’s Decision Over the Lawsuit

Judge Mark L. Wolf of Massachusetts Federal District Court trimmed some claims of the complainant. However, not all of them were included due to the filed motion of the defendants to dismiss the Guinness class action lawsuit on March 27. 

In addition, he mentioned that the alleged misleading statements on the labeling and package of Guinness Extra Stout are eliminated since they were approved by the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. 

Judge Wolf said that “The TTB determined that the challenged representations on the front of the bottles are not deceptive. However, the TTB did not approve the clearer statement on the defendants’ website that ‘all the Guinness sold in North America is brewed in Ireland at the historic St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin.” 

He also dismissed O’Hara’s allegations for unjust enrichment, injunctive relief, and declaratory judgment on the case. On the other hand, O’Hara’s assertion on the misrepresentations of the products on their website was allowed to continue.

Updates On The Current Situation Of The Case

Five years after the lawsuit was filed, the complaints against Diageo-Guinness USA Inc. and Diageo North America Inc. were settled by the Massachusetts Federal Court. 

The federal court apprehended some allegations on the false advertisements of the Guinness Extra Stout beer due to the motion filed by the defendants. 

On April 19, 2021, a nationwide class action settlement was reached. Additionally, there is an upcoming preliminary approval hearing happening this June 9, 2021. 

On behalf of himself and a proposed Class of consumers in the United States who bought Guinness Extra Stout during the time, it was falsely misrepresented; O’Hara filed the Guinness class action lawsuit.

Editor’s Note on Guinness Extra Stout Settlement 2021:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Diageo-Guinness USA Inc. and Diageo North America Inc. They are sued for false advertising information about their brewing location, making the consumers buy their product. 

Kieran O’Hara Settlement

Case Name & No.: Kieran O’Hara v. Diageo-Guinness USA Inc., Case No. 1:15-cv-14139, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Products/Services: Guinness Extra Stout Beer

Allegations: False advertising of brewing location of the product

Status: Ongoing

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