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George Floyd Civil Rights Settlement 2021 March

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George Floyd Civil Rights Settlement 2021 – Minneapolis To Pay $27 Million…

Minneapolis Will Pay Out $27 Million Settlement For George Floyd Case

The City of Minneapolis will expend $27 million to settle the civil rights lawsuit charged against them over to George Floyd’s death.

The Civil Rights Lawsuit

In 2020, a civil rights lawsuit was filed against Minneapolis City by George Floyd’s family.

The civil rights lawsuit follows George Floyd’s police-involved death in May of the same year.

His death garnered attention after a video was shared on social media capturing the incident. 

In the video, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was seen pinning Floyd’s neck on the ground for about nine minutes, which prevented his ability to breathe and caused his death. 

The video also shows him saying that he cannot breathe and calling out for his mother.

The case was charged against the city’s Police Department.

Plaintiff Allegations

Floyd’s family asserts that the Minneapolis police force allows its officers to use “neck restraint” since it is non-deadly. 

However, “chokehold,” which is a form of “neck restraint,” can cause severe harm and death when used.

The civil rights lawsuit contends that neck restraint should not be used since it violates the Fourth Amendment.

The plaintiffs also argue that the police officers should monitor individuals they have apprehended if they experience any difficulties or severe injury signs. 

The police were allegedly trained to use “warrior style” or “Killogy,” which influences them to be more aggressive and treat all cases as potentially deadly.

The family contends that during the time George Floyd was captured, he did not cause any possible harmful threat to the officers. 

Nevertheless, they complain that unnecessary excessive force was used that caused his death.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, a social movement that aims to end police killings and brutality against Black individuals, has garnered support worldwide.

Various class action lawsuits have been filed against the police force after individuals have claimed that they have also been victims of police violence.

The BLM group has also charged the City of Seattle with a class action lawsuit after the police apprehended protesters after their peaceful demonstration in an attempt to silence and prevent them.

The Settlement

In March 2021, the City of Minneapolis released a statement where they have acknowledged paying out $27 million to resolve the Geroge Floyd civil rights lawsuit.

The settlement resulted from a unanimous vote by council members who agreed to show their support to the case.

According to reports, the $27 million settlement is the most significant amount that will be released for a civil rights case claim.

The lawyer of the family, Ben Crump, has thanked the city and its leaders for the support they have shown to honor George Floyd’s case and to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Aside from the settlement, the city has also agreed to give Floyd’s neighborhood in south Minneapolis $500,000. After the incident, a mural has been painted to honor George Floyd’s death. 

Editor’s Note on George Floyd Civil Rights Settlement:

This article is published to inform you of the $27 million settlement Minneapolis will release to resolve George Floyd Civil Rights lawsuit.

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