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Fyre Festival Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 2021

Class Action Settlements

Fyre Festival Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 2021 – Proposed $7200 For Each Class Members…

Fyre Festival-goers Set To Receive Compensation In Proposed Settlement 

A proposed class action settlement is offering to pay Fyre Festival attendees more than seven thousand dollars worth of payout checks after years of a legal battle between the plaintiffs and event organizers. 

According to a report, the Fyre Festival class action settlement is still not yet approved, but it may result in ticketholders of the disastrous Fyre Festival receiving $7,200 compensation checks as soon as it gets the court’s final seal of approval. 

The said amount is not yet final, for the legal proceedings are still pending. However, observers agree that this is a welcome development that can signify the nearing end to one of the most well-known customers defrauding incidents in recent memory. 

The complaints stemmed from a botched festival gathering spearheaded by Billy McFarland. Advertised as a “posh, island-based music festival” by the event organizers, attendees expected it to be an equivalent to Coachella, another famous music festival based in California.

However, instead of getting the top-grade experience, accommodations, services, and the likes, Fyre Festival ticket holders ended up with only tents as a form of shelter, limited food rations, amongst other things. 

Disgruntled customers, who paid thousands of dollars for their tickets, described the festival in very comical and absurd ways, such as “The Hunger Games” and “Lord of the Flies.” 

It was reported that ticket prices went up as high as $13,000 for those who availed of the event’s VIP Package. 

After the disastrous event catching widespread media attention and international coverage, Fyre Festival ticket holders sued Billy McFarland alongside his associates and other partner organizers for duping festival-goers thousands of dollars with promises of an amazing, high-quality event. 

Fyre Festival founder McFarland is in prison serving a six-year term for wire fraud and bankruptcy as of writing. 

Other social media influencers, whose names got also dragged into the mud alongside McFarland’s in the aftermath of the botched event, were not able to escape the legal proceedings – most of them being subpoenaed to court for bankruptcy proceedings. 

According to reports, the Fyre Festival class action settlement will be scrutinized in court in mid-May before being voted on whether it would be approved or not.

Editor’s Note on Fyre Festival Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 2021: 

This news feature aims to report on the latest development in the Fyre Festival legal saga between event attendees and organizers. 

The ill-fated tropical island festival ended up gaining widespread media coverage due to its failure on a grand scale.

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Case Name(s) & No.(s): In re: Fyre Festival Litigation; Case No.: 1:17-cv-03296

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District New York 

Products/Services Involved: Fyre Festival’s luxurious treatment

Allegation(s): Billy McFarland and other Fyre Festival organizers have defrauded festival-goers of their money after they signed up for attendance at the doomed event expecting to receive top-of-the-line services and accommodations. However, attendees were greeted with subpar and even dire conditions at the actual event. 

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