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Ford Explorer Exhaust Settlement - Explorer Model 2016 To 2017 With Defective Exhausts Get Free Repair

Class Action Settlements

Ford Explorer Exhaust Settlement – Explorer Model 2016 To 2017 With Defective Exhausts Get Free Repair…

Ford Explorer Class Action Settlement Over Exhaust Issues

Consumers who are qualified to participate in the class action settlement over particular Ford Explorer exhaust system concerns have been directed to a website.

Suresh Persad, et al. v. Ford Motor Co.

Suresh Persad, Daniel G. Wright, and Robert S. Drummond, the lead plaintiffs, asserted that Ford Motor Co. sold defective 2016 and 2017 Ford Explorers. They claimed that the fault enabled exhaust fumes to infiltrate the passenger compartments of the vehicles.

Along with the Explorer, the business manufactures a number of notable vehicles, including the: 

  • Mustang
  • Bronco
  • Escape, and
  • Ranger

The conditionally certified class includes all entities and natural persons in the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia that currently own or lease or previously owned or leased the 2016 or 2017 Ford Explorer sold or leased in the United States. 

The class does not include 2016 and 2017 Police Interceptor Utility Ford Explorers.

Ford has turned down all of the allegations.

Ford Explorer Exhaust Settlement, 2021

If the settlement is granted, Ford will provide complimentary Field Service Actions 17N03 and 19N05 repairs — or FSA repair — at authorized dealers through July 31, 2022, regardless of warranty status, to address the Ford Explorer exhaust odor issue.

In addition, if the FSA repair is ineffective, an authorized Ford dealer may undertake additional repairs specified in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 17-0044. These repairs are complimentary if the warranty still covers the vehicle.

Moreover, if the warranty no longer covers the vehicle, then TSB repairs would be accessible, but they will not be free. Class Members may, however, seek compensation for a portion of the cost, up to $400, of inspecting and sealing holes in the passenger compartment or installing a modified exhaust system in vehicles fitted with an aspirated 3.5-liter TiVCT.

These amounts may be pooled for a single Class Vehicle that requires both kinds of repairs, even if the repairs happen on separate visits, as long as the repairs are completed within the specified time or mileage limits.

Members who seek to opt-out of the Ford Explorer exhaust settlement or object to it must do so by Aug. 28, 2021.

A final hearing on fairness has been scheduled for Nov. 15, 2021.

The deadline for submitting a claim has not been established. 

Editor’s Note on Ford Explorer Exhaust Settlement:

This article is written to inform you of the class action settlement against Ford over Explorer’s exhaust problems.

Case Name & No.: Suresh Persad, et al. v. Ford Motor Co., Case No. 2:17-cv-12599-TGB-MKM

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court – Eastern District of Michigan.

Products/Services: Faulty exhaust system

Allegations: 2016 and 2017 Ford Explorers’ exhaust system allegedly allows exhaust fumes to infiltrate the inside of the vehicle

Status: To be settled

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