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Flint Water Crisis Settlement 2021

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Flint Water Crisis Settlement 2021 – Register Now To Claim Your Rebate!

ATTENTION: Flint Water Crisis Claimants Asked To Review And Provide Necessary Information For Registration

The Special Master in the Flint Water Crisis asked victims who could not complete their submission forms to accomplish them and are required to provide the necessary information for their claims to be processed. 

As the legal saga continues, the victims of one of the United States biggest public health and sanitation crises in recent memory are tasked to do another task in order for the ball to resume rolling again in the settlement process. 

According to reports, many of the victims who initially filed their registrations did not finish filling out their forms. Because of this, the processing of the settlement was not able to push through. 

In light of the said situation, the settlement’s Special Master ordered the Flint Water Crisis claims administrator to contact registrants with incomplete information immediately. 

Upon contacting, each registrant has ten (10) days to accomplish their forms and provide the necessary piece(s) of information being asked from them from the date they have received the notification from the claims administrator. They are required to supply the following information:

  • Full legal name;
  • Full address information;
  • Date of birth information; and/or
  • Social Security number

The settlement agreement has been the result of years of an arduous legal battle between the affected residents of Flint, Michigan, against the local city government of Flint and other government and non-government related bodies and officials after the Flint Water Crisis broke out and gained wide media coverage. 

The city of Flint, alongside Rowe Professional Services, McLaren Regional Medical Center, and other state-level officials, has moved to an agreement with the affected residents to end the legal complaints filed against them. 

The aforementioned parties agreed to a $641 million settlement to help out Flint residents who were affected by the recent crisis. 

The said amount will go towards the development of the area that would benefit the affected local residents. Almost 80% of the total settlement fund will be used to compensate children or teenagers who were exposed to lead when they used Flint’s water supply more than five years ago. 

Around 18% of the settlement funds will be used to benefit aggrieved adults and property damage claims related to the health crisis. 

Half a percent, on the other hand, will be used to compensate businesses who accumulated losses during the whole ordeal. 

As of writing, the website to file a claim is already live that contains additional information about the ongoing settlement process. 

In a nutshell, the Flint Water Crisis stemmed from the city of Flint changing the city’s main source of water in order to save up money. 

This ended badly, though, and ended up costing more in the long run. 

The water that ran through the city’s plumbing system for years was found out to contain dangerous levels of lead. 

Lead is a very toxic substance that causes anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage if a person has prolonged exposure to it. 

The heavy metal can also affect anticipating mothers and can damage neurological damage to a developing child inside a mother’s womb. 

The Flint Water Crisis Class Action argued that officials know that the city’s taps are laced with dangerous levels of lead, yet they did not do anything to resolve the issue. 

They even allowed locals to drink water from their taps – endangering the health of countless unknowing Flint natives.

Residents not only used their tap water for drinking but also used it for bathing themselves, cooking their food, and cleaning their households.

Upon the news breaking out, many residents have taken state and local officials, along with different organizations, to court to ask for compensation for all the damages and harm the Flint Water Crisis has caused the residents of Michigan City. 

The complaint has gone through different courts and has been ultimately heard in the Michigan Supreme Court. 

The highest court in the state of Michigan ruled in favor of the residents and allowed the class action lawsuit to push through in the designated lower court. 

This is still an ongoing settlement, for the court is yet to give its final approval on the settlement’s final details. 

Editor’s Note on Flint Water Crisis Settlement 2021: 

This news feature aims to bring you the latest developments regarding the Flint Water Crisis victims and the settlement they scored as a result of years of a prolonged legal battle for their rights. 

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Case Name(s) & No. (s): Melissa Mays, et al. v. Governor of Michigan, et al.; Case No.: 157420-2

Jurisdiction: Michigan Supreme Court

Products/Services Involved: N/A

Allegation(s): State and local officials, alongside companies and other organizations, are responsible for the lead contamination of the city of Flint’s water supply.  

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