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Flex Belt Class Action Settlement Announced; Claim What’s Yours

Details on the Flex Belt Settlement 

A Flex Belt Class Action settlement has been reached between the maker of the Flex Belt muscle stimulator and lead plaintiff Jane Loomis in the class action lawsuit that has been filed in the United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of California last year. 

New Jersey-based company, Slendertone Distribution Inc., has worked out the details with the plaintiff’s camp and has agreed to pay $175,000.

Moreover, the company has also agreed to stop falsely marketing the Flex Belt in ways that may mislead consumers.

The Flex Belt settlement was reached after representatives from the Slendertone company has shared with the plaintiff’s legal counsel that the company has been hit hard financially by the global Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

They have agreed that even though the case trial carries on and the company loses, they are ought to make an appeal of the decision, thus agreeing with a settlement is the best course of action. 

Early on, Slendertone has called for the dismissal of the case through a motion but they didn’t succeed. 

Loomis, lead plaintiff to the suit, will receive $10,000 as award for her personal participation in the litigation. Meanwhile, class members to the case will receive different settlement checks worth between $15 and $45 each. 

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