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Facebook Class Action Dismissed In California Again – FB Wins The Class Action Due To Delay In Plaintiff’s Submission

Facebook Walks Out Free, Welcomes California Judge Decision To Overturn Privacy Class Action 

Facebook has clinched a legal victory in its arsenal as a federal judge in California dismissed a class action lawsuit filed against the company concerning the social media giant’s user location data handling. 

According to several media reports, the class action Facebook is facing has been dismissed by Judge James Donato of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California due to court technicalities with the case’s plaintiff failing to submit the amended complaint in the designated deadline. 

This is not the first time the judge sitting on the case has tossed out the legal challenge poised against Facebook. 

A complaint was filed earlier in October 2018. The class action, with Brett Heeger as its plaintiff, accuses Facebook of collecting user data without the person’s express consent. 

Additionally, Heeger alleges that Facebook dupes its users into believing that when they turn off the app’s settings on their mobile device, the company then turns to stop collecting data. However, in reality, Facebook continues to do so. 

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The first version of the class action was rejected by the court due to its insufficiency in providing the specifics of how Facebook does the aforementioned scheme. 

Analysis of the official case’s filing shows that the plaintiff only described and reiterated news reports that allege Facebook of misdeeds concerning the unauthorized collection of user data. 

No strong evidence was presented, leading the judge to ask the plaintiff to submit an amended complaint. 

Facebook vehemently denies any wrongdoing and argued in court that Heeger failed to show sufficient evidence to support their claim. 

However, this legal victory is just a drop in the ocean for the company as it is still facing a slew of class action lawsuits due to its alleged misbehavior and violation of several state-level and federal statutes. 

One recent legal defeat for the company was a settlement it agreed to do with the state of Illinois. 

In it, Illinois Facebook users will be awarded an estimated $350 each after the company was accused of violating provisions of the Illinois biometric privacy law.

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