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Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 Crash Settlement

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Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 Crash Settlement – Families Affected From The 737 Max Disaster To Receive Compensation From Boeing

Boeing Reaches Deal in Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 Crash Lawsuits

Boeing has admitted liability for the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max disaster that killed 157 people in 2019 in the ET 302 Crash Settlement agreement that enables families to pursue compensatory damages against the airline while sparing the airline from punitive damages.

In re: Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 Crash

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Stipulation Overview

Boeing and the families stated in a joint stipulation filed in federal court in Illinois this week that each family is entitled to recover damages for the pain and suffering, loss of economic support, loss of companionship, as well as emotional distress, among other things, under Illinois law.

Each family now has the option of settling with the airline — or proceeding to trial.

According to the stipulation, the defendant, Boeing, admits that it manufactured an airplane with an unsafe condition that was an immediate cause of the plaintiff’s compensatory damages done by the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disaster.

Boeing does not blame anyone else for the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disaster, and Boeing will not claim in this Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 Crash Trial  that anyone else is liable for the plaintiff’s damages.

The families agreed to dismiss their punitive damages allegations against the aerospace company as part of the agreement.

According to the counsel for the victims’ families, the negotiated agreement as well as admitting of the liability was a milestone for the families.

The Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 Crash Settlement is a significant milestone in the families’ pursuit of justice against Boeing. It ensures that they will all be treated fairly and be eligible to recover full damages under Illinois law; while also opening the path for a final resolution, either through settlements or through settlements trial, they wrote.

They are certain that this agreement and the compensation to be given to the families of the ET 302 disaster. It will serve to hold Boeing completely accountable for the lives of the 157 individuals aboard ET 302 and will assist their families in reaching some closure for their loss.

Room for Improvement In The ET 302 Settlement

A similar model of the 737 Max airplane involved in the incident was also involved in another tragic event just months before, prompting a 20-month global grounding of the jets, numerous investigations into Boeing — as well as the Federal Aviation Administration — number of lawsuits, and settlement costs.

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, an automated technology specific to the 737 Max, was discovered to be vulnerable to faulty sensor readings that may mistakenly trigger the system and cause the jet to nosedive.

Boeing stated that it is committed to completely and fairly compensating the families who, because of the tragedies, have lost their loved ones.

Lastly, Boeing has made major improvements to both the company and the 737 Max design in the aftermath of the crashes to guarantee that similar incidents never occur again.

Editor’s Note on Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 Crash Settlement:

This article is written to inform you of Boeing’s agreeance to be liable for the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 accident. A class action lawsuit was also filed against Southwest Airlines for using Boeing 737 Max.

Case Name & No.: In re: Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 Crash, Case No. 1:19-cv-02170

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

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