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Endo Pharmaceuticals Opioid Settlement For Over $100 Million – Multiple States To End Opioid Crisis Lawsuits…

Endo Pharmaceuticals Accepts Settlement Deal With Texas And Other States To Drop Allegations That It Is Responsible For Widespread Opioid Crises

Drugmaker Endo Pharmaceuticals and the state of Texas are reported to have entered into a settlement deal worth $63 million in a bid to end the legal accusations filed against the former, alleging that it deceptively advertised its addictive painkiller medications that led to a widespread opioid addiction epidemic across The Lone Star State. 

Drug Company Endo Pharma Enters Settlement With Texas 

According to reports, the most recent settlement deal is penned between the state of Texas’ Ken Paxton and Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in relation to the dropping of the upcoming trial against the latter in court with regards to the opioid crisis the company allegedly started because of its inappropriate actions. 

Attorney General Paxton released a statement applauding the move, stating that the Endo Pharmaceuticals Opioid Settlement deal is a welcome development to the healing of the victims of the deadly opioid crisis that hit the whole state of Texas. 

Nevertheless, on its part, Endo Pharmaceuticals has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, although it has agreed to enter into a settlement deal with Texas officials. 

With regards to the opioid crisis the company reportedly initiated with its misleading product advertising, it is reported that Endo Pharmaceuticals is looking to forge a global opioid settlement deal. 

Endo Strikes Separate Settlement Deals With Other States; Other Drug Companies Face Charges

Meanwhile, Endo Pharmaceuticals also reportedly agreed to enter into separate Opioid Settlements with different states across the United States after it purportedly hid away damning pieces of evidence that would tarnish its reputation and legal standing. 

Tennessee got $35 million; on the other hand, New York received $50 million, in which the state government will get $22.3 million while the remainder will be divided between the counties of Nassau and Suffolk and the state government.

Aside from Endo Pharmaceuticals, other drug manufacturers are facing legal battles in different courts in the country after they allegedly willingly started different opioid addiction crises in multiple states. These companies include Teva Pharmaceuticals, Cardinal Health, Inc., McKesson Corp, and others. 

Developments surrounding the opioid crisis will be posted here on Consider The Consumer as soon as they are released. 

Editor’s Note on Endo Pharmaceuticals Opioid Settlement For Over $100 Million: 

This blog aims to provide you with the latest updates regarding the Opioid Settlement from Endo Pharmaceuticals. We also recommend you the Purdue Sackler Family settlement for $4.5 Billion.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Endo Pharma Opioid Settlement; N/A

Jurisdiction: Multiple states and other jurisdictions like Texas, New York, and others

Allegation(s): Painkiller medication maker Endo Pharmaceuticals launched opioid crises across the United States through its purported product misrepresentation. 

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