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ECA Marketing TCPA Settlement 2021 - $1 Million To End Class Action Filed Over TCPA Violations

Class Action Settlements

ECA Marketing TCPA Settlement 2021 – $1 Million To End Class Action Filed Over TCPA Violations…

SETTLEMENT ALERT: ECA Marketing To Pay $990,000 As Settlement For Alleged TCPA Violations 

ECA Marketing has promised to pay up almost $1 million to end the class action filed against it over TCPA. The said amount will benefit customers who received pre-recorded calls from the company without permission. 

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ECA Marketing TCPA Class Action Lawsuit And Settlement Case In A Nutshell 

The ECA Marketing TCPA Settlement stemmed from a class action launched against ECA Marketing after they reportedly violated the provisions of the federal law TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

Filed by complainant Ryan Odom in a California court, the class action accused ECA Marketing of sending him, and other phone owners pre-recorded messages without being asked beforehand if they consent to it. 

Additionally, ECA Marketing was alleged to have been using an automatic phone dialing system in sending out pre-recorded messages to phone owners – a concrete violation of the law.

ECA Marketing, amidst the class action accusations, has maintained innocence and vehemently denied the allegations thrown against them. However, they ended up settling the case brought up against them. 

At the time of the initial settlement agreement, the court hearing the case has not rendered its decision in favor of any of the parties involved in the ECA Marketing TCPA Class Action Lawsuit proceedings. 

Settlement Details To Know About 

Consider The Consumer has listed down the following details for those who are keen to file a claim and join this case’s settlement proceedings. Find out more below:

  • ECA Marketing, as part of the agreement, has agreed to pay the amount of $990,000 to end the class action filed against them;
  • Those who have received a pre-recorded or automatic phone call from ECA Marketing between the dates of 21st of April 2016 to 21st of April 2020 can join the settlement and file a claim;
  • The deadline for filing a claim or raising an objection to the settlement terms is on the 6th of September 2021;
  • The settlement fund (worth almost $1 million) will be subject to charges such as legal fees and others;
  • The final distribution and amount of settlement checks will depend on the deductions to the settlement payment and how much would be left from it;
  • In the event that there would be remaining money from the distribution of settlement funds, the settlement has proposed that the money should go to charity;
  • The ECA Marketing TCPA Settlement Agreement’s final court fairness hearing is set for the 6th of December 2021. 

About The Defendant 

ECA Marketing, according to its official LinkedIn profile information, is a marketing company that markets different life insurance and other related products. ECA Marketing is said to cater and work with more than 60 organizations. 

Editor’s Note on ECA Marketing TCPA Settlement 2021: 

This settlement report features the class action settlement between plaintiff Ryan Odom and defendant ECA Marketing after the latter allegedly violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Ryan Odom, et al. v. ECA Marketing, Inc.; Case No.: 5:20-cv-00851-JGB-SHK

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Central District of California

Products/Services Involved: Pre-recorded or automatic phone calls 

Allegation(s): ECA Marketing called customers using a tool that was not allowed by the law and without obtaining phone owners’ prior authorization. 

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