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DuraPro Toilet Connector Lawsuit

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DuraPro Toilet Connector Lawsuit Finally Settled

DuraPro Toilet Settles Its Lawsuit Over Faulty Nut

A lawsuit that started because of a toilet connector that caused water damage to a lot of homes, the DuraPro class action lawsuit finally ended in a settlement agreement.

Plaintiffs stated that the connectors posed a risk of failing by allowing water to flow freely, ending in property damage.

What Else To Know About the Case

Interline, the manufacturer of DuraPro toilet connectors, allegedly sold connectors with a defective plastic coupling nut but never informed people that it may pose a risk of causing irreparable water damage to the property.

Each plaintiff’s property went through water damage and shelled out cash for repairs resulting in out-of-pocket expenses and insurance deductibles. Damage cost from $1,152 to $7,600.

Interline denies the allegations are real, and their DuraPro toilet connectors work perfectly, and what happened to the plaintiffs’ properties was a result because of outside factors. They agreed to settle to avoid any hassle or cost of an ongoing lawsuit.

About Interline Brands Inc.

It is currently one of the biggest distributors in the country, dabbling mostly in maintenance, repair, and building products.

They have over 175,000 consumers and are positioned at the forefront of commercial, multifamily housing, and residential markets.

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