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Duracell Durabeam Flashlight Class Action Settlement Details – $2.2 Million…

Duracell To Hand Out $2.2 Million In Durabeam Ultra LED Flashlight Class Action Settlement

Battery company Duracell has agreed with a class action settlement amounting to $2.2 million to end the litigation filed against them. 

According to several media reports, the company will pay the said amount to end the class action lawsuit that contends that the company’s Durabeam Ultra LED flashlight product drains its batteries’ capacities even though they are turned off. 

Countless reports were made by consumers raising concerns about their Durabeam flashlights prematurely draining their batteries. 

Then, a class action was filed to formally charge Duracell for its alleged misdeeds. 

The case’s plaintiff argues that the company’s claim of ensuring prolonged battery life is false. 

Additionally, the class action stresses that the defect can potentially cause harm to individuals who depend on a reliable light source for work or emergency purposes. 

The lawsuit also contends that Duracell has been aware of the issue all along, yet they did not inform the affected customers about it. 

Duracell claims that they did not do anything wrong and filed a motion to have the class action dismissed in 2019 but ended up getting denied by the court. 

Know if you can file a claim in the Duracell Durabeam Flashlight Class Action Settlement

You are considered as an official class member of this settlement if you bought any of the following Durabeam Ultra LED flashlights with specific date codes and models at Costco on or before October 23, 2015.

  • Model 350L with date code 1533, 1534, and 1535

You will be automatically included in the list of people that will potentially receive compensation. 

However, those who are not included in the earlier group can still file a claim through the settlement’s official site by clicking on this link [Submit a Claim – Flashlight Settlement]. 

The settlement fund will be divided amongst class members that have made valid claims and to those who are eligible for automatic repayments based on transaction records provided by Costco. 

Different class action media sites poise that each claimant can get around $6 to $8. 

A final hearing is scheduled for April this year to iron out the settlement’s final details. 

Duracell Durabeam

Information about Duracell:

Duracell is an American manufacturing company based in Bethel, Connecticut.

A known maker of battery products and smart power systems, the company, mans a 2,700-strong workforce.

Owned by its parent company Berkshire Hathaway, it recorded a revenue of $2 billion in 2015. 

Duracell company site: Our History – Duracell

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