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CVS Pharmacy Overtime Settlement 2021 - Employee Sevag Chalian's Class Action Ends For $10 Million

Class Action Settlements

CVS Pharmacy Overtime Settlement 2021 – Employee Sevag Chalian’s Class Action Ends For $10 Million…

Settlement’s Update: CVS Enters Into Settlement Agreement, Will Pay Up Employees For Their Withheld Salaries 

Employees of the pharmacy company CVS are welcoming the latest legal victory to their case as a judge has awarded their final approval of the settlement agreement amounting to more than $10 million to end allegations that they were not properly given their overtime pays by the company’s management. 

Complainant Sevag Chalian’s Settlement

According to the latest reports, the judge released a decision from a California federal court that commences the legal processes on the class action settlement. To refresh one’s memory, CVS was accused of not giving their employees the proper overtime payback in 2016 by complainant Sevag Chalian. 

Chalian shared that CVS mandated their in-house pharmacists to take up and complete training modules. They were reportedly not given the proper work time credit and were instead informed by the company officials that the time they have allocated answering the modules was off the company’s clock. 

The CVS Pharmacy Overtime Settlement 2021 filed by plaintiff Chalian ended up being compiled with another similar class-action suit against the company alleging the same claims. 

Per sources privy to the settlement proceedings, it is said that the total settlement fund to which CVS agreed to pay, pegged at $10.4 million, will be subdivided into different parts. After subtracting the legal counsel’s charges and other litigation costs and legal expenses, it is expected that only $7.5 million will remain. The said amount will then be distributed amongst qualified Class members and claimants. 

Class Action Settlement Key Information

Curious whether you can include yourself in the settlement and receive a paycheck? Consider The Consumer has listed the following key details you need to know before moving forward. They are listed below:

    • The first Class group is the Pharmacist Settlement Class. They consist of non-exempt and hourly-paid retail CVS pharmacists who have rendered work in Regions 72 or 65 in the state of California between the 20th of July 2012 to October 2020; and
    • The other group is the Retail Pharmacy Settlement Class. Members of this Class group consist of CVS employees that are not covered by the abovementioned collective and have worked in any pharmacy location in California. 

Outlets and observers conclude that each qualified claimant may be able to receive settlement checks amounting to up to more than $300. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to report on the developments of this ongoing settlement proceeding. Check out the site’s official communications channel below to stay in the know. 

About CVS

CVS Pharmacy Inc., or simply referred to as CVS in this feature, is a Rhode Island-based pharmacy chain owned by the healthcare company CVS Health. It is joined by other similar entities under CVS Health, such as Aetna and CVS Caremark, both offering health-related products and services. CVS Pharmacy is the CVS Health subsidiary responsible for the distribution of pharmaceutical and other related items. 

Editor’s Note on CVS Pharmacy Overtime Settlement 2021: 

This article focuses on the latest announcement released detailing that the settlement details between CVS and their employees have been approved by the court and will soon commence into a rolling procedure. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Sevag Chalian, et al. v. CVS Pharmacy Inc., et al.; Case No: 16-cv-08979

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Central District of California

Products/Services Involved: Overtime wages

Allegation(s): CVS Pharmacy failed to properly compensate their pharmacists and other employees and staff who were ordered to take up training modules within their work times. 

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