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Settlement Alert: Cobra Sexual Energy Settlement Announced

What to Know About the Cobra Sexual Energy Class Action Settlement

Nutraceutical Corp. was filed with a class action lawsuit for falsely promising increased virility for men in advertising its “Cobra Sexual Energy” supplement.

According to consumers the product was falsely and unlawfully marketed by Nutraceutical as an aphrodisiac drug. Consumers paid a premium for the drug that not only did not work as advertised but was also a potential health hazard.

The lawsuit claims that the product’s label contained representations such as “powerful men’s formula” and that the Cobra Sexual Energy supplement will allow consumers to “perform [their] best with animal magnetism.” The front of the bottle features a snake with “clear phallic overtones” which implies an improved sexual ability.

Aside from the misrepresentations, the lawsuit also claims that the product contains Yohimbe extract, which could cause health problems in some consumers as it contributes to high blood pressure and hypertension under the right circumstances.

You can read about the lawsuit under the name: Lambert v. Nutraceutical Corp., Case No.  2:13-cv-05942-AB-E, C.D. CA.

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Cobra Sexual Energy Settlement Details

A $100K settlement that would end the “Cobra Sexual Energy” lawsuit is now waiting for approval.

The motion was filed on October 23 and is seeking a judge’s preliminary approval that would end almost eight years of litigation. 

The settlement is will be requiring Nutraceutical to change the use of the phrases “potency wood” and “virility” in the product’s labeling.

The claim that Cobra is “intended to provide … blood flow” will also be toned down to “thought to provide … blood flow.”

Under the settlement, Nutraceutical would create a $100,000 cash settlement fund with affected consumers receiving $10 for claims without receipts and up to $100 for claims with receipts.

The fund will pay out the notice and administrative expenses estimated to amount to $19,250, the bulk of which will be for Facebook advertising and postage for settlement checks. 

Payments will be proportionally increased or reduced depending on the number of valid claims by participating class members. 

The remaining funds after distribution will be paid to the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. 

Potential Class Members will receive their Notice primarily via Facebook. It will be targeted toward men over 40-years-old. Those who purchased Cobra directly from the company’s website will be notified by mail.

The settlement agreement also allows the primary plaintiff to apply for an incentive award of $10,000 and for his counsel to seek up to $490,000 in fees and costs. 

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Editor’s note on the Cobra Sexual Energy Class Action Settlement:

This piece is written about the recent ‘Cobra Sexual Energy’ Class Action Settlement. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action lawsuit settlement, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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