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Christina Prudencio Settlement With Johnson & Johnson Over Talc Baby Powder Causing Her Cancer - $26.5 Million Verdict By Jury

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Christina Prudencio Settlement With Johnson & Johnson Over Talc Baby Powder Causing Her Cancer – $26.5 Million Verdict By Jury…

Johnson & Johnson Forced To Pay $ 26.5 Million In Latest Court Ruling Involving Their Baby Powder Product 

Johnson & Johnson has been slapped with a verdict decision asking the company to pay around $26.5 million as compensation for a terminally ill complainant alleging that the company’s talc powder has caused her developing cancer. 

Christina Prudencio’s Case Against Johnson & Johnson 

The Lawsuit filed by Christina Prudencio, accused Johnson & Johnson of causing her to contract cancer after using the company’s talc-based baby powder product. 

Prudencio claimed that she has been exposed to Johnson & Johnson’s talc baby powder ever since she was a child until her early teen years. In addition, she still got continued exposure to the product as it was also being used on her younger siblings in the same household.  

The plaintiff detailed that she led a relatively normal adult life but soon, news about her cancer diagnosis rocked her early adult years. 

She was diagnosed with terminal malignant mesothelioma. It is a type of cancer that is usually attributed to asbestos exposure. 

Prudencio’s legal case argued during the trial that Johnson & Johnson was warned about the risks of their talc-based baby powder offering to have asbestos on it. 

For decades, the company did not do anything and kept selling and making baby powder products. It was not only until 2020 last year that Johnson & Johnson has decided to pull out of the market and halt the distribution of their baby powder products made from talc. 

Johnson & Johnson Continued To Sell And Make Their Baby Powder Product Amidst Warnings 

During the proceedings, the complainant’s case contended that Johnson & Johnson should have stopped selling their product as soon as experts alerted them of the possible dangers they bring to the consumers. It is said that the company has known about their product’s potential hazards during the early ‘70s. 

The participating jury ended up siding with Prudencio and did not accept the baby powder company’s argument that the plaintiff’s cancer was caused by a genetic mutation and was not directly attributed to the use of their talc baby powder offering. 

According to reports, the plaintiff will receive a monetary award amounting to more than $26 million. Johnson & Johnson is required to pay $20 million for damages, $4.1 million for loss of income, $1.5 million for lost household services, and $800,000 for past medical expenses incurred by her. 

This is not the only litigation filed against Johnson & Johnson in relation to the said negative effects of their baby powder on its users. 

The California jury’s decision is the company’s latest addition to its growing list of legal defeats. Recently, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the company’s appeal after they were handed out a guilty verdict and are required to pay up $2.1 billion revolving charges that their talc-based baby powder caused ovarian cancer on several St. Louis City residents. 

Editor’s Note on Christina Prudencio Settlement With Johnson & Johnson Over Talc Baby Powder Causing Her Cancer: 

This class action article reports on the latest court verdict handed out to Johnson & Johnson involving a California suit filed by a woman who developed cancer after using the company’s baby powder for years. You might also be interested in reading about the J&J OGX Shampoo Lawsuit

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Christina Prudencio v. Johnson & Johnson; Case No.: RG20061303

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of California, Alameda County 

Products/Services Involved: Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based baby powder

Allegation(s): The baby powder made and sold by Johnson & Johnson caused a user to develop cancer. 

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