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Chemours, Corteva, and DuPont Settlement For $50 Million With Delaware State Government Over Using Forever Chemicals In Rivers

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Chemours, Corteva, and DuPont Settlement For $50 Million With Delaware State Government Over Using Forever Chemicals In Rivers…

Chemours, Corteva, and DuPont Enter Into Agreement With Delaware State Authorities, Legal Charges Dropped

Chemical companies Chemours Co., Corteva, and DuPont Co., have all agreed to pay up $50 million to officially settle the upcoming legal charges filed against them, contending that their facilities used harmful chemicals and released them in different areas in the state of Delaware. 

Chemical Corporations Settle With Delaware State Government 

According to recent reports, the trio has agreed to enter into a settlement agreement with the Delaware State Government to avoid being sued and asked to defend themselves in court in a full-blown lawsuit. 

The state’s Department of Justice has announced the news as the state government celebrates its victory against the three chemical companies’ alleged pollution of the state’s natural assets and resources. 

The complaint against Chemours Co., Corteva, and DuPont Co. stemmed from the three’s alleged use of Forever Chemicals’ in their manufacturing. 

Most industry members use Forever Chemicals to make some useful household products that possess non-stick features such as pans, beauty, cosmetic items, and the like. 

The chemicals purportedly used were PFAS or per- and polyfluoroalkyl and PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid and were reportedly part of the three chemical firm’s materials manufacturing processes. Both are called Forever Chemicals, for they do not break down when released to the environment, which basically makes them last forever.

Forever Chemicals are also regarded as dangerous to a person’s health, as they accumulate in the environment such as waterways and the like. A person accidentally exposed to forever chemicals may experience a plethora of health concerns. 

They range from liver damage, hypertension to testicular and kidney cancers. Pregnant women and young children are also highly susceptible to the negative effects of these chemicals.

Delaware government has contended that the three companies’ past use of the chemicals within their state’s borders has caused severe damages to their natural environment. It is believed that the three dumped some of their PFAS wastes on the Delaware Bay and Delaware River. 

Settlement Information Brief 

As part of the deal, Chemours has agreed to pay up a majority of the bill amounting to $25 million, while both Corteva and DuPont will dish out $12.5 million each. 

Furthermore, the agreement stipulates that if the three were able to settle similar charges in any other United States state government, they would be required to add in another $25 million payment to the Delaware government. 

Per the State of Delaware’s claims, the $50 million funds will be used for the related efforts and programs to control and manage the damages and harm caused by the dumping of forever chemicals in the state. 

The state has promised to conduct clean-up efforts on the chemical dump sites and conduct environmental research to fully understand the extent of damages caused by PFAS and PFOA. 

About The Accused Companies

Chemours Corporation, officially known as The Chemours Company, is a chemical company based in Wilmington, Delaware. Founded in mid-2015, the company had a revenue of more than $6 billion per reporting period in 2017. CEO Mark P. Vergnano heads Chemours’ operations.

Meanwhile, Corteva is an agricultural company that produces and distributes artificial substances for horticulture. Also based in Wilmington like Chemours, the company was just recently established in 2019 but has already made more than $14 billion of profits in the year 2020, according to public records. Corteva employs more than twenty thousand personnel under its wing. 

Lastly, DuPont Co. is said to be one of the largest chemical manufacturing corporations in the globe. Founded almost two centuries ago, DuPont is currently managed by its top official CEO Edward D. Breen. The company was able to tally annual revenue of more than $21.5 billion as of 2019. 

Editor’s Note on Chemours, Corteva, and DuPont Settlement For $50 Million With Delaware State Government Over Using Forever Chemicals In Rivers: 

This article discusses the recent settlement forged between the Delaware state government and chemical companies Chemors Co., Corteva, and DuPont Co. to avoid possible legal confrontation in court in relation to the issues with forever chemicals. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Chemors Co., Corteva, and DuPont Co. Forever Chemicals Allegations

Jurisdiction: State of Delaware 

Products/Services Involved: Usage of Forever Chemicals

Allegation(s): Wilmington-based chemical companies Chemors Co., Corteva, and DuPont Co. are responsible for the dumping of forever chemicals on Delaware’s main water assets that ended up harming the environment. 

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