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CenturyLink And Bumble Class Action Settlement Details 2021

Class Action Settlements

CenturyLink And Bumble Class Action Settlement Checks Start To Be Distributed To Claimants 

According to several reports and social media posts online, many claimants of two class actions have already started getting their payout checks as part of monetary compensation from two separate settlements.

The two class action lawsuit we are pertaining to are the ones filed against CenturyLink and Bumble after they have allegedly done misdeeds against their clients.

CenturyLink, a telecommunications company based in Louisiana, was slapped with a class action lawsuit for its alleged misleading billing practices.

It ended up deceiving its customers and subsequently, a class action lawsuit was filed and heard in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.

CenturyLink maintained its clear conscience and ended up settling the class action.

The company agreed to pay up $15.5 million that was later used as the main settlement fund.

This was then distributed amongst successful claimants that were certified members of the Class represented in the CenturyLink Billing Class Action Lawsuit.

On the other hand, class members of the Bumble Automatic Renewal Subscription Class Action have also started receiving their cash payments coinciding with those from the first-mentioned settlement.

Bumble faced two class action lawsuits in 2018 that accused it of violating California and New York state laws after it has failed to inform its users of their rights when canceling their ‘Boost subscription’ service with the company.

The dating app company has vehemently denied any wrongdoing but they ended up settling the case for $22.5 million.

This was then used to compensate Bumble users whose rights allegedly got infringed in the whole ordeal.

Reports have shown that claimants of the Bumble Automatic Renewal Subscription Class Action got their checks already – with some amounting of up to more than $250.

On the other hand, CenturyLink Billing Class Action Lawsuit claimants have reportedly received payments of up to only a little shy of $68.

On behalf of the whole Consider The Consumer staff, we are happy for the claimants who have already successfully cashed in their settlement checks.

Though this is most likely the final step in gaining legal vindication off of the aforementioned erring companies, we here at Consider The Consumer will continue to cover this matter in order to keep each consumer out there informed of such incidents and how they can protect themselves from illegal acts and behavior carried out by entities.

About the two companies:

CenturyLink, now known as Lumen Technologies, is an American telecommunications company founded more than nine decades ago.

Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, the company is currently headed by its CEO Jeff Storey.

They offer a variety of telecommunication products and services ranging from corporate products such as cloud security and big data services to consumer-centered electronics and services such as Internet service and phones.

On the other hand, Bumble is a social media company founded in late 2014.

Founded by duo Whitney Wolfe and Andrey Andreev, the company is known for its dating app service Bumble which has grown popularity and mainstream attention since its inception.

Editor’s Note on CenturyLink And Bumble Class Action Settlement Checks Start To Be Distributed To Claimants:  

This feature article aims to inform claimants of the CenturyLink and Bumble Class Action Settlements of the current status of payment checks as part of the settlement agreement.

Reports have shown that some claimants have already started cashing in and receiving their compensations in the past few days.

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