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Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Settlement 2021 - $1.55 Million To Affected Class Members

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Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Settlement 2021 – $1.55 Million To Affected Class Members…

CANADA SETTLEMENT ALERT: Airline Company Cathay Pacific To Pay Up $1.55 Million In Settlement After Canadian Judge Gives Their Nod Of Approval 

The Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Settlement Agreementhas been approved by the court. Now, the company is slated to pay $1.55 million as part of the settlement while the case moves forward with the related legal proceedings. 

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British Columbia Judge Hands Over Decision To Allow Settlement Between James Rodney McLean’s Party And Cathay Pacific To Move Forward 

According to the latest reports, the judge from the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Canada has released their decision providing the green light for the settlement process to push through. 

Filed by lead plaintiff James Rodney McLean of British Columbia, the Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit was filed against airline company Cathay Pacific Airways Limited after they experienced a massive data breach hacking incident that affected millions of their customers.

Per McLean’s case filing, Cathay Pacific was accused of failing to protect their customer’s private personal information. Under their noses, online hackers were able to perpetrate an attack against the airline company’s data servers in late 2018. As a result, more than nine million Cathay Pacific clients got their personal information accessed by unauthorized malevolent actors. 

Complainant James Rodney McLean claimed that he and millions of other similarly situated individuals have gotten their private information compromised as a result of Cathay Pacific’s alleged negligence. The types of data that were forcibly accessed by online hackers ranged from credit card number data, client names to other sensitive pieces of identifiable information. 

Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Initial Details 

Moving forward, the official settlement site has been recently made available online for those who want to file a claim.

According to reports, the $1.55 million settlement payment made by Cathay Pacific will be distributed amongst the qualified Class members. Each claimant will be entitled to payments depending on a variety of factors. 

The Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Settlement has promised to cover payments to customers who have fallen victim to the 2018 data breach incident and have suffered damages as a result. 

Based on the information available on the official Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Settlement Agreement website, qualified Class members and claimants will be notified in the coming weeks on how to submit their settlement claims and other helpful information involving the settlement proceedings.

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About Cathay Pacific Airways Limited 

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, or simply known as Cathay Pacific, is a Hong Kong-based airline company mainly involved in providing air transportation to individual passengers and air cargo services to logistics companies. Headed by Patrick Healy and Kin Wing Tang as the company’s Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director respectively, Cathay Pacific offers different flight routes in the world. 

Editor’s Note on Cathay Pacific Data Breach Class Action Settlement 2021:

This article features the latest settlement alert involving Cathay Pacific in a Canadian court. It is reported that the airline company will pay up victims of the data breach incident that they have gotten involved with due to alleged negligence. Other companies have also experienced similar settlements, such as the Anthem Settlement.

Case Name(s) & No.: James Rodney McLean et al. v. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited; Case No.: VLC-S-S-199228

Jurisdiction: Supreme Court of British Columbia in Canada 

Products/Services Involved: Data Breach

Allegation(s): Cathay Pacific Airways Limited has been lax with their security that led to their systems getting attacked by online fraudsters. 

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