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Caribou Coffee Company Settlement

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Settlement Alert: Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. Agrees To Pay Up More Than $5 Million

Caribou Coffee Company Settlement Details

Details about the settlement of Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee Company was released to the public earlier last year’s December.

According to the settlement’s official website, Caribou Coffee Company will have to shell out more than $5.8 million worth of funds that will cover many different things.

The said settlement stemmed from the lawsuit titled Village Bank v. Caribou Coffee Co., Inc. et al with docket number No. 0:19-cv-01640 that was filed in a court in Minnesota.

The lawsuit claims that the coffee company is legally responsible for the data breach that occurred in 2018.

The attack on customers’ privacy targeted the payment card information of unknowing individuals.

The filed lawsuit adds that Caribou Coffee Company has also violated a state-level law called the Minnesota Plastic Card Security Act.

The company denies that they have done anything wrong with regard to the matter.

The settlement fund, amounting to more than $5.8 million, would be subdivided into different parts to pay the claimants, attorney and legal counsels’ fees, and other fees that the court may deem necessary.

Though the settlement’s final details are yet to be considered set and stone for the court handling, the case has not decided on the finality of the settlement agreement as of writing.

Nevertheless, several members of the consumers in the United States are informed of this update to start assessing whether they can file for a claim or not.

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