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Bumble Settlement 2021 - Male Users To Get $3 Million Over Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Settlements

Bumble Settlement 2021 – Male Users To Get $3 Million Over Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit…

Male Bumble Users To Receive Monetary Compensation, In-App Benefits In Discrimination Class Action Settlement Proceedings 

Certain California users of the dating and social networking mobile application Bumble are slated to receive compensation in the form of monetary compensation and in-app benefits in a recent class action settlement. 

Bumble Agrees To Pay $3 Million In Legal Case Filed By Kirilose Mansour And Party 

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According to reports, Bumble has agreed to pay $3 million in a recently formulated class action settlement agreement to end the legal action filed against the company.

Filed in a federal court located in the Golden State, Bumble Male Users Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit argued that Bumble is biased against its male users. It is said that only users that identify as female were allowed to send messages first through the dating application’s messaging feature. 

Currently, it is said that Bumble has over a hundred million active users that utilize the application to meet and connect with people online. 

In the face of a pending legal process, Bumble ended up agreeing to enter into a class action settlement agreement with the case’s plaintiff Kirilose Mansour and other parties involved. However, the dating app company has vehemently denied any wrongdoing on its part. It maintained that they only settled the case to end the possibility of a prolonged and costly legal process. 

Besides paying $3 million that will be used to benefit a select group of eligible Bumble app users, Bumble agreed to change their application and policies with the aim to avoid conducting any possibly discriminatory practice against a certain group of individuals. 

Bumble Settlement Initial Details 

As part of the ongoing class action settlement proceedings, claimants are encouraged to learn more about the Bumble Male Discrimination Settlement Agreement. Consider The Consumer has listed key details to take note of in this feature:

The Bumble Settlement 2021 will only cover California Bumble mobile app users who used the app between the dates of 29th March 2016 to 1st July 2021.

App users who identify as male and say that they are interested in women while using the mobile app on their devices are included in the settlement proceedings.

Initial estimates suggest that each eligible settlement participant may be able to receive a settlement payment of up to $30 as well as free Super Swipes totaling twenty chances.

Observers agree that the final settlement benefits may change depending on the developing circumstances. No documentary evidence or proof of purchase is needed in this settlement proceeding and the deadline for filing a claim is on 1st October 2021, while the court’s final hearing is scheduled for 7th October in the same year.

About The Company

Bumble is said to be one of the leaders in the mobile dating industry all over the world. The company has corporate locations in key cities around the globe. According to Bumble’s official site, they currently employ more than seven hundred personnel under their wing. 

Editor’s Note on Bumble Settlement 2021 – Male Users To Get $3 Million Over Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit: 

This settlement alert aims to inform you of the key details involving the class action settlement proceedings between Bumble and qualified beneficiaries. You might also be interested in reading about lawsuits filed against Amazon over sexism.

Case Name(s) & No.: Kirilose Mansour, et al. v. Bumble Trading Inc.; Case No.: RIC1810011

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of California – County of Riverside

Products/Services Involved: Bumble dating app 

Allegation(s): Bumble allegedly discriminated against male application users. 

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