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Bombas Data Breach Settlement 2021 - Bombas Customers To Receive $200,000 In Settlement

Class Action Settlements

Bombas Data Breach Settlement 2021 – Bombas Customers To Receive Over $200,000 In Settlement…

Bombas Customers May Receive Up To $2,500 Settlement Checks In Class Action Settlement Agreement Proceedings 

Online retail shop Bombas has agreed to enter into a settlement agreement and promised to pay more than $200,000 worth of settlement funds amongst qualified claimants.

Bombas Data Breach Class Action Settlement Seen To Benefit Plaintiff Alex Pygin And Other Class Members 

Click to access Alex-Pygin-et-al.-v.-Bombas-LLC-Shopify-USA-Inc.-and-Shopify-Inc…pdf

The settlement stemmed from a class action lawsuit filed against Bombas arguing that the company’s customers got their privacy compromised after a data breach incident was perpetrated against Bombas. 

The Bombas Data Breach Class Action Lawsuitcontended that Bombas was negligent in the whole ordeal that has cost their clients’ safety. It also accused the online retailer of invading their customers’ privacy and not following laws and statutes in the state of California.

Reports suggest that Bombas customers got their personal information illegally accessed by online hackers. The data alleged to have been compromised include payment card details and the like.  

Bombas has maintained that they did not do any wrongdoing, yet they agreed to enter into a class action settlement agreement with the plaintiffs led by complainant Alex Pygin. 

Per early records, the Bombas Data Breach Settlement will have a $225,000 settlement fund that will be subdivided amongst different sectors, including the qualified Class members in the case. 

Bombas Data Breach Class Action Settlement Agreement Initial Details

Consider The Consumer has listed down the important details one needs to know in order to determine if they can join the settlement proceedings:

Eligible claimants in the Bombas Data Breach Settlement Agreement include any citizens in the United States who bought any item from Bomba’s official site between 11th of November 2016 to 16th of February the following year.

Class members can receive a minimum of $50 settlement reward upon providing the necessary support documentation and filling up the settlement application form.

Some may be lucky enough to receive up to $2,500 worth of settlement checks if they can show any proof that they experienced any unauthorized charges on their personal cards, that in good faith, was caused by the Bombas data breach event.

Only a limited number of claim types is covered by this settlement; as final details are still in the works, it is suggested that affected parties be in the know of the latest settlement updates.

The class action settlement reminds claimants that Bombas customers are not entitled to receive any reward for claims of emotional distress.

Those who would like to voice out their objections are encouraged to file their complaints to the settlement administrator until the 12th of October 2021.

Claimants who think they are entitled to receive compensation may submit their claim applications to the authorities only until the 9th of November 2021.

A California court will have a fairness hearing of the case on the 19th of November the same year.

About Bombas

Bombas is an online retailer founded in 2013 in New York. The company is led by its leader David Heath. Bombas is known for its promise to donate a pair of socks to homeless shelters in the country with every pair they are able to sell online. 

Editor’s Note on Bombas Data Breach Settlement 2021:

This feature shows the latest information about the settlement proceedings involving Bombas and their shoppers. A similar settlement occurred with financial company Plaid for $58 million.

Case Name(s) & No.: Alex Pygin, et al. v. Bombas LLC, Shopify (USA) Inc., and Shopify Inc..; Case No.: 4-20-cv-04412-jsw

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division 

Products/Services Involved: Bombas Data Breach

Allegation(s): Bombas customers got unintentionally involved in a data breach incident that compromised their safety. 

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