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BlueHippo Computer Financing Scheme Settlement Checks - FTC Offers Rebates To Affected Victims

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BlueHippo Computer Financing Scheme Settlement Checks – FTC Offers Rebates To Affected Victims…

FTC Refunds Victims of Decades-Old BlueHippo’s Computer Financing Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reportedly issued checks totaling $103,000 to more than 4,500 individuals who paid excessive rates to BlueHippo for computers that, in some instances, they never received. The fraud, which has been in operation for decades, was brought to an end by the FTC.

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FTC Against BlueHippo – Recap

The Federal Trade Commission alleged in 2008 that BlueHippo Funding, LLC and its affiliate BlueHippo Capital, LLC made promises to finance brand new computers, collected payment from consumers, and then failed to deliver on those promises. Additionally, the Commission stated that the two companies neglected to disclose to consumers key terms of BlueHippo’s return policy prior to their purchase.

BlueHippo continued to engage in deceptive methods after agreeing to a proposed settlement with the FTC. In 2009, the FTC filed a new lawsuit against the companies, as well as to its CEO and sole owner, Joseph Rensin, alleging contempt for violating the 2008 decree. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) won a lengthy legal battle and is now utilizing the money it collected from Rensin to issue more than $103,000 in returns to consumers.

Refund Checks Sent to Victims

Individuals who receive checks must deposit or cash them within the 90-day period specified on the check. Recipients with queries about their checks may contact Analytics, Inc. at 1-855-558-1233.

The Federal Trade Commission never demands anyone to pay money or give account information in order to collect a refund check.

Editor’s Note on BlueHippo Computer Financing Scheme Settlement Checks:

This article is written to inform you of rebate checks from FTC to eligible victims of BlueHippo’s computer financing scheme.

Case Name & No.: Federal Trade Commission v. BlueHippo Funding, LLC, and BlueHippo Capital, LLC, No. 16-1599

Jurisdiction: Southern District of New York

Products/Services: Computer financing fraud

Allegations: FTC alleged that BlueHippo Funding, LLC, together with BlueHippo Capital, LLC operated a computer financing scheme that deceived consumers

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