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Benecol Spread Trans Fat Settlement For $2 Million

Class Action Settlements

Benecol Spread Trans Fat Settlement For $2 Million – Johnson & Johnson and McNeil Nutritionals Falsely Advertised…

Benecol Spread $2M Class Action Settlement Over False Advertisement Claims

Consumers who purchased a Benecol Spread may be able to receive up to $20 without providing proof of purchase, courtesy of a recent $2 million class action settlement over alleged false claims of trans fat.

Joann Martinelli v. Johnson & Johnson and McNeil Nutritionals, LLC

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Settlement Details

Consumers who purchased Benecol Spread products in the United States within the Class Period (January 1, 2008, to December 31, 2011) are considered members of the Benecol Spread Trans Fat Settlement Class.

Class Members without proof of purchase from the time they purchased the Benecol Spread between January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2011, are eligible to receive $5 per tub of the spread, a maximum of four tubs.

Claimants who can provide proof of purchase will be refunded in full for the number of tubs purchased.

The receipt or shop loyalty card documentation should prove that the Class Member bought the Benecol Spread, how many they bought, the date of transaction, and the purchase price.

Members of the Class who do not make a claim will remain members of the Class but will not receive compensation. This implies they will be barred from pursuing future litigation in this subject.

Class Members have the option of opting out of the Benecol Spread Trans Fat Settlement, retaining their right to pursue future litigation.

Class Members have until January 26, 2022, to withdraw from the Benecol Spread settlement or object to it.

On March 24, 2022, a final hearing will be held.

Class Members who wish to remain part of the Settlement Class and receive payment must submit a claim.

Claimants in this Benecol Spread Trans Fat Settlement have until February 25, 2022, to file a claim.

About the Lawsuit

In a class action lawsuit, plaintiffs claim that Johnson & Johnson and McNeil Nutritionals engaged in deceptive and false advertising to increase their profits. The plaintiffs assert that the company promoted its Benecol Spreads as having “No Trans Fats” and “No Trans Fatty Acids.” 

According to the plaintiffs, Benecol Spreads contain trans fats. The utilization of partially hydrogenated oils provides evidence for this claim.

The company disputes the plaintiffs’ allegations and asserts that the label is not misleading since it clearly states that the products contain insignificant quantities of trans fats.

The Court has not heard all of the evidence pertaining to this Settlement; no conclusion of guilt or ruling has been reached. Both plaintiffs and defendants have determined that the proposed settlement agreement is in everyone’s best interests to save money, time, and effort.

Editor’s Note on Benecol Spread Trans Fat Settlement For $2 Million:

This article is written to inform you of the $2 million class action lawsuit settlement between Benecol Spread and consumers of the product. A similar lawsuit was also filed against Hormel Black Label Bacon

Case Name & No.: Joann Martinelli v. Johnson & Johnson and McNeil Nutritionals, LLC; Case No. 2:15-CV-01733-MCE-DB

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California

Allegations: Johnson & Johnson and McNeil Nutritionals allegedly committed false and misleading advertising

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