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Anthem Blue Cross ERISA Settlement 2021 - $400,000 To End Class Action Over Rejecting Insurance Claims For Eating Disorder

Class Action Settlements

Anthem Blue Cross ERISA Settlement 2021 – $400,000 To End Class Action Over Rejecting Insurance Claims For Eating Disorder…

Anthem Blue Cross Agreed To Pay $400,000 As Settlement And Change Its Policies Concerning Their Patients With Eating Disorder

Healthcare beneficiaries and patients with eating disorders of Anthem Blue Cross’s ERISA health plan that were included in a class action lawsuit are slated to receive payments as the settlement proceedings push through. 

A Look Back On The Anthem Blue Cross ERISA Class Action Over Eating Disorder

According to the latest reports, Anthem agreed to a $400,000 settlement agreement with the plaintiffs of the case that was brought up against the company. 

Filed by complainants Emily Jump and Aurora Bailey, the Anthem Blue Cross ERISA Class Action Lawsuit contended that Anthem denied them coverage of their medical expenses while seeking professional treatment for their eating disorder. 

Bailey detailed that she sought treatment for anorexia nervosa on top of major depressive disorder in 2014. Anthem only agreed to cover the first 20 days of their treatment and rejected the succeeding treatment expenses. The company cited a company guideline they used to deny Bailey’s claim.

Jump, on the other hand, was also diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and other mental illnesses. They have undergone treatment in 2017. Anthem first agreed to cover the first 76 days of medical treatment but deferred from paying for the succeeding treatments per their internal policy. 

The Anthem Blue Cross ERISA Class Action Lawsuit argued that Anthem’s actions violated the Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or ERISA and other federal and state-level parity statutes.  

On their end, Anthem agreed with Bailey and Jump and agreed to pay the sum of $400,000 that will be used to distribute to the beneficiaries of the class action. 

Additionally, besides the monetary payment, Anthem has agreed to change and update their company policy and guidelines concerning how they assess a patient’s case, including those who suffer from eating disorders and mental health concerns. 

Settlement Information

The settlement proceedings are still going on. Consider The Consumer has listed down the following details key to the settlement case:

  • Class members are advised to check their communication lines for a notice form that will be forwarded to their way in relation to the settlement claims process;
  • Those who are able to receive their claim forms are instructed to send them back on or before the 27th of December 2021;
  • The court hearing the case has said that they are moving forward with the settlement case’s approval hearing on the 6th of May 2022;
  • The amount each claimant can receive will depend on their claims as Anthem has set up a cap amounting to $400,000 for those who will have their claims approved.

About The Company

Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health Ins. Co., or simply called Anthem in this feature, is a health plan provider under Anthem and WellPoint California Services, Inc. The company has a subsidiary under its name known as Anthem Workers’ Compensation LLC. 

Editor’s Note on Anthem Blue Cross ERISA Settlement 2021: 

This settlement report gives you information on the latest developments in the settlement agreement forged between Anthem and their ERISA plan holders, who happened to have their medical claims rejected. You might also be interested in the AllState Insurance TCPA Lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Bailey, et al. v. Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health Ins. Co.; Case No.: 4:16-cv-04439-JSW

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California 

Products/Services Involved: Anthem’s Blue Cross ERISA health plan offering 

Allegation(s): Anthem allegedly violated the law by denying their plan holders’ claims when they sought medical care for their eating disorders. 

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