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Amtrak Settlement Details – Class Action Lawsuit Over Lack Of Accessibility For Disabled People

Amtrak Bows Down To Government-led Class Action, Agrees To Impose Changes And Pay Up Affected Passengers With Disabilities

Amtrak passengers with exceptionalities will be able to receive monetary compensation after Amtrak agreed to a settlement worth $2.25 million.

The settlement stemmed from a complaint filed by the United States government arguing that Amtrak’s current station and its facilities lack certain accessibility features, which ended up harming mobility-impaired individuals. 

The complaint continued that the lack of action from Amtrak in addressing this concern led to the violations of the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA.

The case’s official digest argue that Amtrak’s existing stations were not accessible to mobility-impaired individuals, including those who are using a wheelchair, and did not meet the government’s transportation standards. 

Amtrak authorities retained its claim that it did not transgress the provisions of the ADA and agreed to work out a settlement with the United States government regarding the issue. 

The transportation company has promised to conduct several steps in order to make sure that they provide services that are compliant with the law’s standards for people with exceptionalities.

It pledged to make sure that newly built facilities, as well as rehabilitated ones, contain accessibility features that will make it easier for people with exceptionalities to use.

Amtrak will also do assessments of certain stations included in the settlement to check whether they comply with government regulations. 

There are also other commitments the company has promised to do in order to avoid future violations of the ADA. 

Monetary Pay Varies From Person To Person

For you to make a claim, you must be a mobility-impaired individual who was affected by the accessibility issues imposed by the lack of facilities at an Amtrak station between July 27, 2013, to December 2, 2020.

You must also have lived at a certain point, visited, or wanted to visit an affected Amtrak station instead of a more accessible other Amtrak station during the time mentioned above. 

Monetary compensation will be computed using a point system, which will determine how much they would get out of the class action settlement.

It varies from case to case, but a claimant can get a maximum of $833.33 as monetary compensation.

Any remaining funds will then be returned to Amtrak in order to be allocated for projects to improve its facilities and make sure the company complies with the provisions of the ADA. 

Claimants are required to file a claim form that asks them to provide certain pieces of information such as disability details and residency.

Submission of other documents to support their claim of experiencing difficulties when using Amtrak facilities is not required but highly encouraged. 

The deadline for filing is set for May 29, 2021. 

Amtrak Class Action Lawsuit

About Amtrak

Amtrak is a federally chartered corporation established in 1970 by Congress in order to take over the majority of passenger rail service operators connecting different areas in the United States.

It operates four main transit lines in its route – the Acela Express, Empire Corridor, Northeast Corridor, and Springfield Line. The company has headquarters in Washington, D.C. 

Editor’s Note on Amtrak Settlement Details:

This news update is published to inform you of the latest class action settlement Amtrak has agreed with in order to end the litigation made against it by the United States government. 

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