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AMD Bulldozer CPU Settlement 2021 - Second Round For Rebates Started

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AMD Bulldozer CPU Settlement 2021 – Second Round For Rebates Started…

Chip-maker AMD Starts Second Round Of Payment Distribution In Accordance With Settlement Agreement 

AMD or Advanced Micro Devices has reportedly started with the second round of settlement paychecks distribution in relation to the class action filed against them with allegations of misrepresentation. 

AMD Processors Actually Have Four Cores, Instead Of Eight

The said class action settlement required AMD to pay more than $12 million to end the legal battle thrown at the chipmaker for allegedly misrepresenting the actual number of cores of one of its CPU or central processing unit lineup. 

Plaintiff to the AMD Bulldozer CPU Class Action Lawsuit, Tony Dickey, argued that AMD reportedly advertised its AMD Bulldozer CPU as an octa-core processor or a processor with eight cores. However, it was found out that the CPUs actually have four cores instead of eight as what was being marketed by AMD. 

AMD has kept its stance that it did not do anything wrong but agreed to a settlement to end the class action lawsuit filed against them. The settlement agreement covers California customers who have bought an AMD Bulldozer processor after thinking they are octa-core processors. 

Each qualified AMD processor buyer can receive up to $300 per CPU purchased. No proof of purchase is needed for claims of up to five CPU purchases. However, customers who have bought more than five AMD processors were asked to provide additional information via documentation to be able to substantiate their claims. 

According to the latest reports, many claimants were already able to receive their payments as AMD commences another round of payment distributions. 

About AMD

Advanced Micro Devices Inc., or simply AMD, is a semiconductor manufacturer based in California. Founded in 1969, AMD makes and sells processor chip products that power a multitude of consumer electronics and devices such as desktops and laptops. Lisa Su is AMD’s CEO. 

Editor’s Note on AMD Bulldozer CPU Settlement 2021 – Second Round For Rebates Started:

This article details the latest round of settlement checks distribution spearheaded by AMD to pay off claims from eligible claimants. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Dickey, et al. v. Advanced Micro Devices Inc.; Case No. 4:15-cv-04922

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services Involved: AMD Bulldozer CPU chips

Allegation(s): AMD misrepresented its Bulldozer CPU chip line for having eight cores instead of the actual four. 

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