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ACT Class Action Settlement Decided; Testmaker To Pay Out $16 Million Consider The Consumer

Class Action Settlements

ACT Class Action Settlement Decided; Testmaker To Pay Out $16 Million

What You Need To Know About the ACT Class Action Settlement

ACT Inc., a college admissions testing company, has agreed to a settlement to a class action lawsuit this year which will cost the company more than $16 million of payouts to eligible recipients in the state of California. 

The said settlement stemmed from a class action federal lawsuit filed by lead plaintiff Halie Bloom last 2018. According to a report by Nina Agrawal in the Los Angeles Times, the suit accused ACT Inc. of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the State of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act by letting colleges know, through students’ score reports, whether an examinee had received special testing accommodations or if they had a form of disability. Agrawal writes that the suit also alleges that the defendant, ACT Inc., “discriminated against students with disabilities” by making it more difficult for them to partake in the Educational Opportunity Service. This is a service being offered by the company to different colleges and universities that can help them pick out potential students. 

Though denying any misdeeds on their end, ACT has agreed to a settlement in order to “avoid the costs and uncertainty of protracted litigation”, adds Agrawal. 

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