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ABB Contact Lens Class Action Settlement

Class Action Settlements

ABB Contact Lens Class Action Settlement For $30.2 Million

ABB Optical Group Will Pay Out A $30.2 Million Settlement

ABB Optical Group LLC was charged with a class action lawsuit due to allegedly price-fixing their contact lenses.

The Lawsuit

Plaintiffs alleged that the group of contact lens manufacturers has collaborated to control the prices of contact lenses. The said illegal price-fixing plan increased the cost of contact lenses.

The contact lens class action lawsuit states that the companies took advantage of their position to pressure their customers to buy contact lenses at inflated prices.

Aside from the manufacturers, the lawsuit asserts that optometrists and ABB have conspired to enter “Unilateral Pricing Policies” (UPPs). 

The said UPP’s goal is to hinder online competitors and other contact lens vendors, such as Walmart and Costco, from offering discounted disposable contact lenses. It is alleged that the plan started in June 2013.

Lawsuit Coverage

The contact lens class action aims to cover various disposable contact lenses manufactured by the following companies:

  • Alcon
  • Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC)
  • CooperVision Inc. or Bausch & Lomb

However, contact lenses bought after July 1, 2015, from 1-800 Contacts manufactured by Bausch & Lomb are not covered in the settlement.

Plaintiff Allegations

According to complainants, the charged group used prescriptions to force customers into buying their products. 

Plaintiffs argue that the prescriptions issued by optometrists included the type, power, and brand of the contact lens they should purchase.

Since prescriptions are required before customers can purchase contact lenses in the United States, consumers had no choice but to buy the prescribed brand. 

Complainants state that this has restricted their ability to look for cheaper options since they would first need to obtain another prescription for a different brand.

The Settlement 

ABB fought the contact lens class action lawsuit. They argued that complainants had not offered enough evidence to support their claims. Despite this, a federal court certified the consumer class in December 2018.

While ABB has not yet acknowledged any wrongdoings on their part, they have agreed to pay the contact lens settlement 2020It is estimated that the compensation to be paid amounts to $30.2 million.

The contact lens settlement includes other multi-million dollar agreements with involved contact lens manufacturers. 

Class members will be reimbursed for their attorney fees and other administrative costs. Aside from this, plaintiffs will receive compensation and an equal share of the settlement fund. The exact amount that class members will receive is yet to be determined.

Class Member Eligibility

Customers who have bought disposable contact lenses from June 1, 2013, to December 4, 2018, covered by the contact lens class action lawsuit are eligible to file for claims.

In addition, class members who have previously filed for claims with CooperVision Inc. or Bausch & Lamb or automatically included in the contact lens settlement 2020 with ABB.

Claim Process and Rules

Class Members who would like to make a claim must submit a claim form online or by mail. 

Submitted claims must include the following information:

  • Type of contact lens
  • Quantity bought
  • Amount paid
  • Place where the product was purchased.
  • Date when the product was purchased


Customers who would like to be compensated will need to submit their claims before the deadline on March 10, 2021.

Class Members who would like to be excluded from the class action will need to do so before the deadline on March 10, 2021.

The final hearing regarding the contact lens settlement will be on March 10, 2021.

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