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455 Hospitality LLC Settlement 2021 – DoubleTree Hotel Franchisee To Pay $1.4 Million Over Workers’ Rights…

Settling Allegations Of Neglecting Employee Rights 

DoubleTree Hotel franchisee 455 Hospitality LLC is willing to pay more than a million dollars as settlement money to end the class action lawsuit filed against them, tagging the company as a serious violator of workers’ rights. 

Employee Carlo Ocampo v. 455 Hospitality LLC, et al. Class Action Settlement

New York-based company 455 Hospitality LLC has decided to enter into a Class Action Settlement Agreement with the plaintiffs to end the legal battle and workers’ rights violations it faces in court. It is expected that the company will set aside $1.4 million worth of funds to abide by the agreement’s initial points. 

The class action lawsuit was originally filed more than five years ago by complainants who have worked for the DoubleTree Hotel franchise owner tagging the company as a violator of their rights as workers. 

DoubleTree Franchisee’s Supposed Law Violations

They detailed that they regularly worked way past the officially mandated working hours at the hotel, yet they were never compensated for it. When asked for their overtime pay, 455 Hospitality LLC allegedly told them that the franchising company does not allow any compensation. 

Furthermore, the plaintiff workers were also not given their rightful cut of the hotel’s pooled tips funds – with some of the employees not being informed of being entitled to receive tips altogether. 

The above mentioned acts were alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standard Acts and New York state law, the class action lawsuit said in its official filing. 

As of press time, the final details of the class action settlement agreement are still pending. The court is yet to analyze the provisions in it before it allows the commencement of settlement funds. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to cover this matter and report on the latest developments as soon as the information is made public. 

Though the settlement is still in the works, it has become apparent who will benefit from the class action agreement and might receive payment checks in the settlement’s conclusion. 

It is said that former workers that have rendered their services between 4th December 2008 to 18th March 2016 at the Tarrytown, New York DoubleTree Hotel location will be included in the settlement. 

The employees that will possibly be accounted for in the settlement range from servers, room attendants, cooks, room and dining room attendants, to dishwashers.  

About The Company

455 Hospitality LLC, one of the defendants in the Carlo Ocampo et al. v. 455 Hospitality LLC, et al. Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, is a Tarrytown, New York-based company that operates a DoubleTree hotel franchise. The company provides a variety of hospitality services ranging from dining and entertainment to lodging. 

Editor’s Note on 455 Hospitality LLC Settlement 2021:

This article feature aims to bring you the latest information on the class action settlement between former DoubleTree Hotel workers and its franchise holder 455 Hospitality LLC in a bid to end the workers’ rights class action lodged against the company from years back. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Carlos Ocampo, et al. v. 455 Hospitality LLC, et al.; Case No.: 7:14-cv-09614

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York 

Products/Services Involved: Workers Rights

Allegation(s): 455 Hospitality LLC neglected to uphold its employees’ rights by withholding overtime pay and tip privileges. 

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