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2019 & 2020 Tesla S And X Settlement - Battery Class Action After Mandated Software Update To End For $1.5 Million

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2019 & 2020 Tesla S And X Settlement – Battery Class Action After Mandated Software Update To End For $1.5 Million…

SETTLEMENT ALERT: Tesla Model S and X Car Owners and Leaseholders Slated To Receive More Than $600 Payments For Experiencing Malfunction On Their Cars After A Software Update 

Tesla S and X car owners may soon see some paychecks on their way as the car’s manufacturing company has agreed to a settlement to end the allegations filed against them. 

Car Company Tesla Agrees With Plaintiff David Rasmussen and Party’s Settlement Terms 

According to several online sources, Tesla has committed to pay $1.5 million as part of the settlement agreement terms. The said amount will be distributed amongst qualified Tesla Model S and X vehicle leaseholders and car owners. 

The recent developments came from the original case filed against Tesla in 2019 by the leading complainant David Rasmussen. The Tesla S And X Class Action contended that Tesla supposedly rolled out a system update to its Tesla S and X customers that ended up compromising their car’s batteries. 

Rasmussen argued that the updated cut down on the distance range Tesla cars supposedly should have whenever they are fully charged. It is said that the software patch reduced the travel range of several customers to up to 40 miles. 

He shared that he also updated his Tesla car and ended up having his car’s usual travel range of 247 miles decrease 30 miles at a time while at a fully charged battery. As a result, he sought out Tesla to have his battery replaced, but his request was reportedly denied. 

David Rasmussen’s Tesla S and X Class Action Settlement Agreement Brief 

Proponents of the 2019 & 2020 Tesla S And X Settlement retorted that Rasmussen and other Tesla car owners should not face the unwanted consequences of their car’s usability being compromised due to a shortened battery life after installing the company’s mandated software update. 

Tesla faced charges of violating several state and federal-level consumer protection statutes. However, the latest settlement agreement between Tesla and David Rasmussen’s party will lead to the charges to be not pursued anymore in court. 

This is still an ongoing settlement case, and Consider The Consumer is committed to bringing you the latest information as soon as they are made available to the public. In the meantime, check out the initial useful and crucial information available that is listed below.

  • Only those who own or hold a lease of a Tesla Model S and/or X between May of 2019 to September of 2020 that installed the Tesla car software update in May 2019 are considered eligible for a possible settlement payment check. 
  • Those who have experienced a malfunction on their car battery or have noticed a reduced car travel range after installing the May 2019 car software update on their Tesla Model S and/or X are covered in the settlement parameters. 
  • As of writing, no proof of payment will be asked from those who are looking to file a claim. As soon as the court hearing the settlement proceedings gives its stamp of approval, Tesla will proceed to reach out to qualified settlement participants with email notification.  
  • Case observers estimate that most of the eligible claimants may receive a settlement check amounting to $625 each. Others like lead plaintiff David Rasmussen are slated to receive a payment that is computed using the pro-rata scheme. Final settlement amount details will be released as soon as the court allows the settlement to push through.

Amidst all of this, Tesla has released a statement stating that only a select few of their Tesla Model S and X cars got affected by the May 2019 car software update they have released.   

About Tesla Inc

Tesla Inc., or simply called Tesla in this article, is a car manufacturing company famously known to be run by billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk. 

The company is known worldwide for its electronic car offerings that run on green energy solutions. Founded in 2003, Tesla is currently headquartered in Palo Alto, California. As of late 2020, the company has made a revenue of more than $31 billion. 

Editor’s Note on 2019 & 2020 Tesla S And X Settlement: 

This article details the latest news about the class-action lawsuit filed against Tesla by their customers after the company mandated a software update that ended up compromising their car’s battery. Tesla is slated to pay $1.5 million as settlement. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): David Rasmussen v. Tesla Inc.; Case No.: 5:19-cv-04596

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services Involved: Tesla Model S and X 

Allegation(s): Tesla released a software update that negatively impacted their Model S and X’s overall performance and travel range. 

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