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Rigged Lottery Lawsuit

The Consumerist reports that the fallout of a rigged lottery scheme perpetrated by the former director of security for Des Moines-based Multi-State Lo... Detail

Beware Your Gift of Giving

Consumer Affairs recently reported that this is the time of year many people make out checks to their favorite charities, which depend on that genero... Detail

Your Old Fashioned Online Romance

Recently, seven scammers from Nigeria and South Africa have pleaded guilty to participating in a large-scale international online fraud conspiracy tha... Detail

Tis The Season…

As we have been reporting on a pretty much constant basis over the last few weeks, the holidays are a time that gather up a medley of scams, and when ... Detail

Holiday Pyramid Scheme Unwrapped

Who'd like to lose hundreds of dollars this holiday season!?! Oh? Nobody? Weird... If you're not one of the outliers that just loves losing money, ... Detail

Holiday Scams Hit All Time High

The holidays are a busy time of year for all of us. Stores are open later, people are running around more, and consumerism is at its absolute peak... Detail