Category: Recalls

Ford Makes Massive Recall

The Consumerist reports that so far, more than 42 million vehicles equipped with shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags have been recalled in the U.S. But ... Detail

SodaStream Makes Huge Recall

The Consumerist reports, when making a carbonated beverage at home you might expect there to be a little bit of pressure during the process, but proba... Detail

Target Makes Recall

Target is recalling approximately 1,300 of its Threshold Aluminum Top/Steel X Base patio benches after six reports surfaced of the products collapsing... Detail

Sargento Makes Recall

Sargento Foods Inc. is recalling a number of its cheese products because of potential contamination with Listeria. There have been no confirmed illnes... Detail

Listeria Outbreak Hits Final Wall

Whether it be eating it raw or finding it in ice cream, everyone has alternative methods of consuming raw cookie dough. Where does the cookie dough in... Detail

Hot Phones On The Hot Seat

"The fire went up like this!" Exclaims Joseph Zilonka, a freshman at Florida State University, as he shows WCTV just how high the flames shot up after... Detail