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Last Week, On Facebook…

I miss the world of conformity. Netflix was for old movies, Amazon was for shopping, Cable was for DVR, and Twitter was for limiting your speech to a ... Detail

Wii U For U

In a refreshing change from the constant threatening holiday  scams we've been reporting on, comes a breath of fresh air out of a Best Buy in Valley ... Detail

DeVry Hit With Hefty Fines

This morning, DeVry University has reached a $100 million settlement with the FTC resolving allegations that the school used phony stats to deceive st... Detail

$11.2 Million for Peanut Butter?

To begin with a disclaimer, I truly believe that Peter Pan peanut butter is one of the must underrated peanut butters out there. There's no denying ho... Detail

Chipotle is Running Out of Food

Get your burrito bowl fix in sooner rather than later, because apparently the fast casual Chipotle has screwed up yet again. For months, Chipotle has... Detail

Tis The Season…

As we have been reporting on a pretty much constant basis over the last few weeks, the holidays are a time that gather up a medley of scams, and when ... Detail