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The Cost of Kids

Those 4am-crying-wake-up-calls won't persist for too much longer, nor will Gerber's stay on the shopping list, but one thing that will always stay wit... Detail

Fitbit Considers App Store

Like many companies in the new year, it appears as if Fitbit is trying to expand. During last week's Cosnumer Electronics Show (CES), the technology p... Detail

Smoke Spills at Inauguration

If you plan on heading to Washington on January 20 and grabbing one of the 4,200 free joints being passed around by DCMJ, you're in luck, as the mayor... Detail

Airbnb Invests Big

Like many of the great companies we have today, Airbnb began as a small startup app, looking to make it big. Unlike many of these small startups, Ai... Detail

Rigged Lottery Lawsuit

The Consumerist reports that the fallout of a rigged lottery scheme perpetrated by the former director of security for Des Moines-based Multi-State Lo... Detail

Amazon To Open Bookstore

With the emergence of Barnes & Noble over the past few years, the amount of book stores one can actually walk into have become more and more limit... Detail