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The Cost of Getting Sick

For those of you planning to get sick this winter, make sure you budge for it first. In recent times, illness hasn't just taken a toll on our health, ... Detail

VW Reaches TDI Settlement

Consumer Affairs reports that Volkswagen has encountered another hefty toll on the dirty diesel highway, agreeing to pay $1 billion to fix or buy ba... Detail

Class Action Against Toyota

Recently, a class action lawsuit of unfair business, warranty and fraud was filed against Toyota Motors. In the case, it states that defendants' 2010 ... Detail

Baby Boomer Bender

Good news, strict parents! A new national study has found that teenagers' use of alcohol has declined significantly over the last 20 years, but an a... Detail

Last Week, On Facebook…

I miss the world of conformity. Netflix was for old movies, Amazon was for shopping, Cable was for DVR, and Twitter was for limiting your speech to a ... Detail