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Class Action Looms Over Dell

Recently, plaintiffs allege that Dell violated Rhode Island law by, among other things, charging and collecting money as Rhode Island use tax on purc... Detail

Ford Motor Company Class Action

Individuals are suing Ford Motor Company in a class action lawsuit after claiming that their vehicles were prone to sudden acceleration incidents that... Detail

GoPro Karma Drone Recalled

Recently, GoPro released its highly touted Karma drone. The drone was introduced to the market two weeks ago at a retail price of $800, not including ... Detail

Samsung Issues (Half) an Apology

In the wake of numerous different failures, Samsung has thought it best to issue an apology. With customers from all over the world becoming more and ... Detail

Gift Card Scam Lurks About

Since the telegraph was invented, lurkers have been on the other side of the phone line trying to scam and rip off as many uninformed and unsuspectin... Detail

Samsung Continues to Struggle

Samsung is not only amid a scuffle with an exploding smartphone problem; the company is now working with the U.S.Consumer Product Safety Commissi... Detail

Class Action Rebate Opportunities

In the month of October, there were numerous opportunities for class action rebates to be had. These are listed as follows: Appstack TCPA Settlement A... Detail