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Snapchat IPO set for $22B

As you may have heard by now, everybody's favorite picture sharing app is going public to the tune of billions - $22 billion, to be exact. If you're s... Detail

Vizio TVs Watching Back

  VIZIO, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers and sellers of internet-connected “smart” televisions, has agreed to pay $2.2 mill... Detail

Listeria Outbreak Hits Final Wall

Whether it be eating it raw or finding it in ice cream, everyone has alternative methods of consuming raw cookie dough. Where does the cookie dough in... Detail

Hot Phones On The Hot Seat

"The fire went up like this!" Exclaims Joseph Zilonka, a freshman at Florida State University, as he shows WCTV just how high the flames shot up after... Detail

CFPB Seeks Support

Consumer Affairs reports that consumer advocacy groups are the latest to file motions supporting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in its lega... Detail