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What's Next For McDonald's?

The underwhelming nature of McDonald's All-Day Breakfast menu has continued until its eventual plateau into a commonality. Don't worry, you can still... Detail

Free Shake Shack Burgers

If you don't enjoy free, delicious food, stop reading. Shake Shack released today that since their iOS app is now available, anybody with the app wil... Detail

Fiat Chrysler Caught in the Act

Earlier today, we were given a prompt regarding the EcoDiesel scandal which recently broke, accusing Fiat Chrysler. The following, is the story we wer... Detail

Mercedes Clears The Air

A federal recently threw out a potential class action suit which alleged that Mercedes-Benz misled consumers about emissions from its "BlueTec Clean ... Detail

Newman's Own Isn't All His Own

In December 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Newman’s Own for allegedly falsely marketing its pasta sauces as “All Natural” when, ... Detail