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TeachHealthy Launches, Leading You Toward A Healthier Life!

We, at Consider The Consumer, have a passion for finding and learning about new and exciting websites, companies, and services alike, who set out to aid consumers all over the world. Recently, we heard from our friends at TeachHealthy, a health and wellness website for people who are trying their best to balance being healthy while leading a busy life. Sounds like a familiar situation, doesn’t it?

Sounds like a familiar situation, doesn’t it?

TeachHealthy was created in June 2017 by two elementary school teachers, Paige Fitzgerald and Sabrina Castrovinci, whom both have a passion for self-improvement. TeachHealthy Co-Founder, the aforementioned Paige Fitzgerald, shares with us how their idea came to be, in the following statement:

“Sabrina and I met in college and bonded over shared workouts and swapping health-related articles that we loved. Eventually we became roommates and were each other’s greatest cheerleaders in staying accountable to our goals and supportive of all the ups and downs that can come with it. Although we’re no longer living together (Sabrina is in Florida and I’m in New York) we still support and share resources with each other, and that’s really where the idea of TeachHealthy was born. We figured that our support and shared knowledge deserved a wider audience; that it would be fun to grow a community that was built on a “health and fitness for all” mindset that we couldn’t really find when we were first starting out. Our website contains, recipes, workouts, articles about mindfulness practices and interviews with people from a variety of health and fitness backgrounds. Our interview section is something I am really proud of, to be honest. There is a saying in the world of Educations that ‘the best teachers are thieves,’ meaning the best teachers observe other teachers being successful and add those techniques into their own classrooms. I think that creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle for yourself should also include some “thievery” of your own. That’s really the point of these interviews; to allow people a glimpse into the lives of people who have been successful in attaining their goals, so they can try out some of their strategies and figure out what works best for them. We not only interview personal trainers and nutritionists, but also people with regular 9-5’s, because we believe everyone has something new and unique to potentially contribute. We are always looking for new people to interview and encourage people with a love of health and fitness (no matter your professional background) to contact us about sharing their journey with our community!”

We urge all of our readers to go explore all TeachHealthy has to offer! On a daily basis, they produce fresh, new content that can really aid your workout or meal prepping agenda. They share stories, recipes, and just about everything they can to make you a happier you! The team also accepts different content, such as surveys, quizzes, and inspirational stories from they’re readers, aiding their overall message of good health, good vibes, and a balanced life.

Go and see what TeachHealthy can do for you! You can reach them on the web on, or on their incredibly active Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

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