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Taco Bell To Pull Fried Chicken Chalupa From Stores

And faster than you could order it, eat it, and reach for the Tums, sadly, it’s gone.

Just last month, Yum! Brands’ Taco Bell released its highly touted Fried Chicken Chalupa, and much to the dismay of Taco Bell critics, it was delicious. Unfortunately, though, the chain will remove the item which, was in testing for over two years, after only two months of service.

Taco Bell notes that this isn’t all too uncommon for limited-time products, as most come and go for short periods of time until they either become a staple in the menu or a memory of a distant past. A rep also stated that due to the items warm reception and popularity throughout the country, it is likely to come back at some point or another.

We can only hope.

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