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Solar Eclipse Giveaways, Freebies, and Promos

People across the country today are preparing for a rare total solar eclipse (the last one visible from the U.S. mainland was in February of 1979; the next one won’t be until April 2024). After you’ve gotten your pinhole cameras and special sunglasses ready to watch the eclipse, here are a few Solar Eclipse Giveaways, Freebies, and Promotions you can take advantage of:

Krispy Kreme: The company is offering a new chocolate glazed donut to celebrate the blacking out of the sun.

Dairy Queen: Buy one Blizzard and get one for $0.99 from today until September 3.

Pilot/Flying J travel Centers: Enjoy a space-themed snack with a free Milky Way or pack of Eclipse gum with any beverage purchase.

Frigidaire: Get matte black stainless steel appliances 30% off or more at retailers or online as part of their “blackout sale”.

Warby Parker: If you still haven’t gotten your hand on a pair of special viewing glasses for the eclipse, Warby Parker is giving them away for free at its physical locations.

US Postal Service: Check out these cool eclipse stamps now available from the Post Office. They’re thermochromatic, meaning that they change in response to the heat of your touch.

Don’t want to be alone when the eclipse happens? USA Today has this handy guide of events going on today, both inside and outside of the path of the total eclipse. If you’ll be stuck in the office or if it’s too cloudy to actually see the eclipse, never fear: NASA will be streaming the eclipse from above the clouds.

Did we miss any promotional events? Let us know in our comment section and we’ll add them to our list!

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