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Solar D Sunscreen's Baseless Claims

Sunscreen manufacturer Solar D claims that its sunscreen is formulated to let the sun’s good vitamin D-producing rays in and keep the sun’s bad skin cancer-causing rays out, thus making it “the healthier choice when protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.”

When the National Advertising Division (NAD) challenged this statement, expressing concern over whether Solar D was exaggerating the potential vitamin D benefits of its product, the company chose not to participate in the review process – declining to provide substantiation for its “healthier choice” claim. Nor did Solar D provide substantiation for these statements that NAD said appeared on social media, on the company’s website, as well as in a  marketing campaign:

“Vitamin D helps strong healthy bones … Solar D permits some of the light that our bodies use to make vitamin D … Solar-D helps prevent skin cancer.”

“The hot new sunscreen that gives skin instant vitamin D.”

“Using Solar D instead of traditional formulas in the same SPF allows up to 50 percent more vitamin D production …”

NAD said it had referred the advertising claims to federal regulators. Be wary the sun, and its harmful rays.

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