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Share Your Story of Health and Success, Submissions are Open!

Recently, we shared with you our new, favorite body/mind fitness website, TeachHealthyMany of you seem to have already taken advantage of all that they have to offer as we are getting fantastic responses and feedback about their services. Great news for all of you fitness fanatics out there, though! You actually have a chance to get your story in print, as they have opened submissions for you to share your story of health and success. Some stories are too good to be left untold, and this is your chance to show the world your journey!

We ask, in accordance with TeachHealthy, that you send all responses to

Please answer the following questions, using the format given in the template below:

*Please submit 3-5 pictures for use throughout the article via email attachment*

Section I: The Basics




Section II: Your Personal Health Journey

What is YOUR story? (i.e. how did your interest in health and fitness develop? Were there any obstacles you overcame? Was there a certain moment that sparked a need for change, or did you grow up with health/fitness role models in your own home? These are just some prompts to get you thinking. Feel free to explain your story in a way that feels most authentic to you!)


What does a typical day in your life look like (including meals, workout times, and job schedule)?



If we looked inside you gym bag, what would we find…



What is your favorite way to break a sweat? (Lifting weights? Yoga? Hiking? Etc.)



What does living a balanced life look like to you?



If you could give one piece of advice to someone getting started on their own journey to a healthier life, what it would be?



TeachHealthy would also like you to share any resources on their site or Facebook and Instagram accounts! This could be a favorite recipe, a workout routine, a book that has inspired you, or even an inspirational message you may have written down or recorded. TeachHealthy believes that different things work for different people and something that motivated you might really connect with another reader.

Per the editors at TeachHealthyWe appreciate you taking the time to be thoughtful and generous with your responses. Our aim at TeachHealthy is to make healthy, balanced living accessible to everyone. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this mission by sharing your experience and knowledge with our audience.” 


***To note, if your above submission is selected, you are agreeing to be interviewed by TeachHealthy you are consenting to TeachHealthy and its founders to use this interview, and all other submitted materials, in this and future publications of TeachHealthy, digital, print, or any other form. TeachHealthy may edit responses for clarity or content quality. Portions, or the entirety, of this interview may be reproduced for future content and/or marketing for TeachHealthy.

All applicants will receive a response regarding whether or not they are selected and may be asked follow-up questions if they are chosen.***

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