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Costco Black Friday Deals Consider The Consumer

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Costco Black Friday Deals Revealed: TV Palooza

Costco will have a lot of TVs on sale during its extended Black Friday event. When the sale was first announced at the beginning of November, the company held back the specifics on most deals, but now we have pricing for just about everything on offer. Below are all the best television-based Costco Black Friday Deals.

A few deals kicked off on Nov. 5, including special prices on a pair of Samsung sets listed below. But most of the sales won’t start until later in the month.

Unlike a lot of the Black Friday specials we’ve seen from other retailers, Costco’s deals will include better-performing, midlevel models from major brands.

Here’s an example: Costco will sell the 80-inch Vizio 4K smart TV for $2,500. No model is given, but it could be the E80-E3, which typically sells for about $3,000; we found it for $2,500 at B&H.

That was the only TV we spotted in a Costco Black Friday circular posted at But the retailer listed a bunch of TVs in a separate ad for an extended holiday sale. In the past these sales have generally run Nov. 17-27 for as long as supplies last.

Costco is closed Thanksgiving Day. Stores open at 9 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 24, and the sale runs through Cyber Monday (Nov. 27).

TVs Galore in the Extended Sale

No specific model numbers are provided in the Costco Black Friday ads. But we think we unlocked the key for determining Costco’s coding, so we’ve provided informed guesses for almost all the models listed.

Here are advertised Vizio models:

70-inch 4K UHD smart TV, $980
We think this is the Vizio E70-E3, in Vizio’s entry-level SmartCast smart TV series for 2017, which currently sells at Costco for $1,250. It might be available for a lot less as part of the Sam’s Club Black Friday sale. In our tests this set had excellent high-definition picture quality and very good UHD performance, though the HDR experience wasn’t that hot.

70-inch 4K UHD smart TV, $1,300
This could be the Vizio M70-E3, a step-up SmartCast model, which usually sells for about $1,600.

40-inch 1080p smart TV, $250
This is probably the Vizio D40f-E1, an entry-level set that sells for about $30 more now. We also tested this set, and it had very good HD picture quality.

Samsung and LG TVs

Costco is offering good deals on Samsung and LG TVs during its extended Black Friday sale. We have listed what we think are the model numbers, along with price comparisons.

Samsung TVs
Costco is listing a mix of Samsung TVs, ranging from entry-level models to step-up sets. (We didn’t spot any of Samsung’s flagship QLED models.) A few of the Samsung sets come with Google Play credits, which range from $50 to $125.

Consumer Reports recommends many of these models in our TV ratings.

55-inch curved-screen 4K UHD smart TV
We think this is the Samsung UN55MU6490, which currently sells for about $800 to $900. Costco has it for $590, a good deal on a recommended model.

55-inch flat 4K UHD smart TV
This is almost certainly the Samsung UN55MU8000, which is selling for about $900 to $1,100 now. It’s also a tested set that did very well in our TV ratings. Costco’s sale price is $880, plus a $100 Google Play credit.

49-inch 4K UHD smart TV
We think this is the Samsung UN49MU6290, a model that sells for about $550 now at Walmart and other places. Costco has it for $400.

40-inch 4K UHD smart TV. It’s probably the Samsung UN40MU6290, a smaller version of the set listed above. Costco has it for $300, a good discount from its usual price of $450.

65-inch curved 4K UHD smart TV, available starting Nov. 5.
This is probably the Samsung UN65MU8500. It’s a tested model that did very well in our ratings, and it’s selling for $1,600 to $1,700 now. Costco’s sale price is $1,280, plus a $125 Google Play credit.

65-inch curved 4K UHD smart TV, also available starting Nov. 5
It’s probably the Samsung UN65MU6500, a recommended model that’s selling at a few retailers for $900, lower than Costco’s $950 sale price. And Best Buy has it for $765 right now.

55-inch 4K UHD smart TV, available starting Nov. 12
It could be the Samsung UN55MU8000, a recommended model selling for about $900 everywhere. It’s $880 at Costco, plus a $100 Google Play credit.

75-inch 4K UHD smart TV, available starting on Nov. 12
It looks like the ad is calling this set the Samsung UN75MU8000, and it’s selling for $2,280 during the sale. But typically warehouse club models have different numbers, so it could be the Samsung UN75MU800D, which sells for $2,700 to $2,800 at several retailers. You also get a $50 Google Play credit.

65-inch flat 4K UHD smart TV, available starting Nov. 12
Again, the model listed in the ad is the Samsung UN65MU8000, priced at $1,280, plus you get a $125 Google Play credit. It’s about $1,500 elsewhere. If it’s the usual warehouse club model, the Samsung UN65MU800D, then it’s selling for about $1,500 to $1,600 at other clubs now.

65-inch flat 4K UHD smart TV
This is almost certainly the Samsung UN65MU6290, selling now for about $1,100, so Costco’s $800 sale price is a good deal.

55-inch flat 4K UHD smart TV
This appears to be another recommended set, the Samsung UN55MU6290. It is selling for $800 at BJ’s now. This set is $490 at Costco and, a great price.

75-inch flat 4K UHD smart TV. We’re guessing this set could be the Samsung UN75MU6070. We’re not sure, though, because we don’t see that TV for sale anywhere right now. It could also be a set only being offered as a special Black Friday deal. It’s $1,700 during the Costco sale.

The extended Costco Black Friday ad includes both LG’s OLED TVs and regular LCD/LED TVs in its mix, with screen sizes from 49 to 86 inches. We’ve tested and recommended a number of these televisions.

65-inch OLED 4K UHD smart TV
We think this is the LG OLED65B7, a tested set that ranks near the top of our TV ratings. It’s currently selling for about $3,000. LG has sale-priced it at $2,650.

55-inch OLED 4K UHD smart TV
We think this is the LG OLED55B7, the smaller sibling to the OLED TV listed above. Like that model, it’s a top-rated set and sells for about $2,000 now. Costco’s price is $1,650.

55-inch 4K UHD smart TV
It’s probably the LG 55UJ6540, a recommended model that sells for about $600. Costco’s price is $480.

49-inch 4K UHD smart TV. We think it’s the LG 49UJ6500, another recommended model that’s in our ratings. It’s selling for about $500 now, $380 during the Costco sale.

75-inch 4K UHD smart TV. It’s likely the LG 75UJ657A, a jumbo-size set that’s selling for about $1,750 at other warehouse clubs. Costco will beat that with a $1,600 sale price.

86-inch 4K UHD smart TV
We think this is the LG 86SJ9570, the biggest TV we’ve seen so far in a Black Friday sale. Major retailers are selling this set for about $6,000, though we’ve seen a fewer lesser-known shops selling it for thousands less. Costco will be selling it for $5,000.

The above was reported by Consumer Reports.

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